Online surveys offer powerful advantages over phone or paper based surveys.

  With an online survey you eliminate the delays for printing, mailing and data keying. Results are received in hours not days, and they are ready in a database for analysis.

  Printing, keying, mailing and interviewing costs are eliminated. With most of the costs up front there is very little difference to conduct a survey with 500 respondents or 5000. The value of these surveys increases with the number of respondants.

  Every aspect of the survey can change midstream. Improve a question's wording, change the wording, whatever... It can be done quickly and easily.

  Color, images, stylized fonts and graphics and make the experience much more pleasant. Streaming audio and video is available to further enhance the survey.

  Skips, branching, data verification, dynamic or randomized question generation etc... can be use to enhance the user experience and protect the integrity of your data.