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Survey and Manager Samples

Sample Surveys

Providing our clients with all the necessary Tools.

  Our sample survey incorporates the latest Java and JavaScript technology. With this technology our surveys employ client side data verification reducing the information traffic between the respondents web browser and the GoGlobal server. This makes for a much smoother operating survey, resulting in the highest possible completion rate.

  Our Online Reporting really sets GoGlobal apart from other web-based survey companies. Our Advanced set of Manager Tools not only allows our clients to review survey responses, in real time, but also provides the ability for a respondent to review his or her answers compared to the aggregate. This tool provides for some great one on one analysis (reviewing and explaining the results with your client).
Once a respondent has completed the entire survey they are able to log in using their own unique logon ID. This ability may also be restricted such that only you are permitted to access information at this level (via the Manager Tools).

Two in One
  All of our surveys include our standard set of Manager Tools. This password protected area allows you to monitor survey activity, review real-time responses to certain questions, download survey results as well as access the restricted Online Reporting feature.

We believe that GoGlobal Technologies offers the most advanced web based surveys and set of Online Reporting tools available. Our aim is to stay the market leader in this respect.