JurisTax Builds Team in India with GoGlobal’s Support

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JurisTax Ltd. is a Mauritius-based Corporate Services Provider licensed by the Financial Services Commission (FSC). The firm provides a full range of corporate, fiduciary and trust services. Their expertise includes corporate structuring, entity setup and succession planning, along with comprehensive secretarial services, administration, accounting and compliance support.

Industry: Financial Services

Company Size: 150

Year Founded: 2008 

Countries of Operation: Mauritius, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, India

Representative Offices: China, South Africa, Delaware

Countries with GoGlobal: India

The Need

JurisTax, founded in 2008, was ready to embark on its next stage of growth, aiming to expand its presence and operations in India. The need for expansion was driven by several factors:

  • Market Opportunities: India represented a significant growth opportunity for JurisTax, with its rapidly expanding economy and increasing demand for financial and fiduciary services.
  • Client Demand: Existing clients had business interests in India and required the company’s services in the region.
  • Competitive Advantage: Establishing a presence in India would provide JurisTax with a competitive edge in the non-banking financial sector.
  • Diversification: Expanding into India was part of the company’s broader strategy to diversify operations geographically.

The Challenge

Being new to India, JurisTax faced a series of roadblocks in building a local team:

  • Finding Specialized Talent: JurisTax needed to recruit a highly specialized Business Development Manager aligned with their operational goals and standards to help them grow their footprint in India.
  • Time and Resource Constraints: JurisTax did not have the time or in-depth knowledge required to manage an effective recruitment process in a new market.

Choosing GoGlobal

JurisTax evaluated several options, including managing the recruitment process internally. However, they chose GoGlobal due to:

  • Expertise in Recruitment: JurisTax was drawn to GoGlobal’s expertise in international recruitment and HR services. They felt confident that GoGlobal’s local experts in India had the in-depth local market knowledge to support a smooth and successful expansion into the market.
  • Speed and Efficiency: JurisTax needed a partner to swiftly and cost-effectively manage the hiring process, given their limited experience and resources in the Indian market.

People-First HR: How GoGlobal Helped

GoGlobal provided a comprehensive people-first solution through their unique Recruit & Hire and Employer of Record (EOR) services. The recruitment and hiring process included:

  • Benchmarking: JurisTax provided GoGlobal with a budget and the profile requirements for the desired candidate. GoGlobal then utilized its expertise to benchmark these requirements in the local Indian market. This due diligence ensured the compensation package offered was competitive and attractive to high-quality candidates.
  • Efficient Candidate Sourcing: GoGlobal presented a shortlist of potential candidates tailored to JurisTax’s needs, facilitating a streamlined selection process.
  • Compliance and Transition: The transition to hiring the new manager was smooth, with GoGlobal maintaining compliance with local employment laws. The process was also cost-effective, providing distinct value for investment.

“Finding management-level talent can be a difficult process. By benchmarking our budget and skill requirements, GoGlobal delivered the right candidates and made the process smooth from start to finish. The transition to hiring a manager in India has been seamless and provides great value for money.” – Galvin Ramsamy, Commercial Director, JurisTax

Key Advantages Gained

  • Professionalism and Proactivity: JurisTax particularly values GoGlobal’s professionalism and prompt response times. Potential issues are identified early and addressed swiftly while maintaining momentum in the hiring process.
  • Localized Expertise: GoGlobal’s local knowledge and presence enable JurisTax to navigate market-specific challenges efficiently, promoting compliance and reducing corporate risks.
  • Speed and Efficiency: The speed at which GoGlobal sources and presents qualified candidates significantly reduces the time JurisTax spends on the recruitment process. GoGlobal’s proprietary BlueOcean client portal offers end-to-end support and transparent billing, which are for successful global operations.

“GoGlobal is happy to support JurisTax’s expansion into India with our Recruit & Hire and Employer of Record solutions. By swiftly presenting qualified candidates and then managing the local headcount, our goal is to deliver a seamless hiring experience.” – Harry Dhillon, Director of Recruit & Hire, GoGlobal

Key Takeaways for Global Talent Management

Based on JurisTax’s successful partnership with GoGlobal, the following are key takeaways for global talent management:

  • Leverage Specialized, On-The-Ground Expertise: Partner with firms that have a proven track record and expertise in the target market to navigate local complexities efficiently. This can support alignment in language, cultural expectations and time zones with the local workforce.
  • Prioritize Professionalism and Reactivity: Choose partners known for their professionalism and ability to respond swiftly to issues. This minimizes disruptions to operations.
  • Utilize Comprehensive Services: Opt for a provider that offers end-to-end solutions, from recruitment to compliance management. This streamlines the expansion process and reduces hiring risks.

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