London Lash Pro Taps On GoGlobal’s Recruitment Expertise to Hire Specialized Talent in Europe

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London Lash Pro is the leading supplier of eyelash extension supplies, providing high quality professional products to technicians all over the world.

Industry: B2B Lash Wholesalers

Company Size: 11-50

Year Founded: 2014

Countries of Operation: UK, Europe, US, Australia

Countries with GoGlobal: Finland

The Need

London Lash Pro, a leading B2B lash wholesaler, is at the forefront of the beauty industry, supplying premium eyelash extension products to clients around the world. As the company expanded its footprint and hired in new territories, it encountered challenges finding new niche talent and navigating the complexities of international employment.

The Challenge

As London Lash explored growth strategies in new markets, the company sought to expand its team and hire more specialized talent in Europe. However, the complexities of diverse employment laws and the daunting task of finding qualified talent in the European Union posed significant hurdles.

How GoGlobal Helped

London Lash Pro sought a partner proficient in navigating international employment regulations while also connecting them with exceptional, specialized talent.

GoGlobal’s people-first end-to-end approach through Recruit & Hire, combined with its proven Employer of Record (EOR) solutions, stood out as the perfect fit for London Lash Pro’s needs.

“Our partnership with GoGlobal has transformed our global expansion strategy. Their dedicated team has been essential in sourcing top talent for us while providing peace of mind against employment risks in new markets. GoGlobal’s end-to-end approach, combining Recruit & Hire and Employer of Record (EOR) solutions, is pivotal to our continued global success.” – Billy Green, CEO, London Lash Pro

Key Advantages of the Partnership

London Lash Pro quickly realized the advantages of partnering with GoGlobal for both Recruit & Hire as well as EOR services. Here are the key advantages they gained:

  • Expert Localized Recruitment: GoGlobal’s swift and compliant recruitment process gives London Lash access to high-quality candidates in Europe, alleviating recruitment concerns.
  • Efficient Compliance Management: With GoGlobal’s EOR support, London Lash Pro can seamlessly navigate complex employment laws and compliance regulations across borders. This significantly mitigates the risks associated with international expansion.
  • Responsive Support: London Lash Pro and its workers benefit from the prompt support and expert guidance provided by GoGlobal’s local teams. This ensures timely and accurate responses to inquiries, promoting seamless implementation throughout the process.

“When London Lash Pro approached us, they had concerns about securing talent across Europe and managing global payroll. Our people-first approach, combined with technology enablement and localization, addresses their needs comprehensively. Personalized HR support and seamless communication empower our clients to focus on core business – while we handle the rest.” – Harry Dhillon, Director of Recruit & Hire, GoGlobal

People-First Support

London Lash Pro has experienced the dedicated support and expert guidance of GoGlobal’s local teams, powered by a people-first approach to global human resources and facilitated by cutting-edge technology.

With dedicated on-the-ground representatives in all locations served, workers receive personalized HR support in their preferred language. This localization means that cultural expectations and country-specific regulations are carefully considered throughout the process.

“Having a dedicated HR point of contact on the ground through GoGlobal has significantly elevated my experience at London Lash Pro. Their team is responsive and has been incredibly helpful with any questions I have had related to payroll, benefits and tax contributions.” – Janina Roos, EU Trading Executive London Lash Pro

Recommendations for Global Talent Management

The London Lash Pro team has gleaned valuable lessons in its journey with GoGlobal. The following are three key recommendations for global talent management:

  • Balance Recruitment and Compliance: Partner with a provider who combines local connections for sourcing top talent with expert capabilities in compliance. This dual approach can help source and onboard the right talent for the team while minimizing the risks associated with global hiring.
  • Embrace Technology Solutions: Partnering with a provider like GoGlobal, renowned for its people-first approach empowered by technology, is essential for enhancing collaboration and safeguarding compliance. GoGlobal’s proprietary BlueOcean client portal delivers end-to-end support and transparent billing, vital for successful global operations.
  • Foster Regular Communication: Establish regular communication channels with global service providers, such as quarterly update meetings or monthly check-ins. GoGlobal enhances this process by providing a dedicated point of contact in the country where talent is hired, ensuring seamless communication and support.

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