Meet your local HR team, your partner in living the life you want.

Have you been offered a position with a company using GoGlobal as their EOR? Find out what that means and what to expect once you accept your offer.


Maybe you’ve never heard of an EOR — most people haven’t.

EOR means Employer of Record. We’re a way companies can hire people anywhere in the world without having to actually open offices in the countries where their staff work.

You get to live where you want. Your company gets to have your talent and expertise. And we staff your local, on-the-ground HR team — ready to help you with anything you need.

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24/7 HR Support

In life, things come up. Just like you would reach out to your company HR team for help, we’re here to provide that exact same support in your time zone — for anything.

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Answers to your local questions

People should come first in human resources. Our local experts know your world and help with things beyond the HR basics.

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We speak your language

No need to rely on poorly translated instructions or software. Our local teams are…local. We speak your language and connect you to useful resources.

Work from anywhere with companies who care.

Your company selected us to provide local HR support.

Do your job effectively and live your life freely — without having to move or find a local employer. While we’re your Employer of Record (EOR), your company is still yours.

After all of the paperwork is signed, we’re still at your side so you feel supported in your new role and in the country you reside.

Meet our local HR expert team around the world!

You deserve competitive salaries and extensive benefits.

And local support with living life once you log off.

With the entire GoGlobal team remote, we know what it’s like to be in your shoes. We also work in countries across the globe. And you get the same great benefits we give ourselves — so you know we believe in our service.

Get paid in your currency

Earn competitive salaries

Experience great benefits

Connect with local experts

Be 100% legally employed

You want to live life on your terms and we want to give you the autonomy to do that — and more.

After one year at my company, I needed a visa renewal. My local HR team from GoGlobal helped me at every step, even waiting on hold for three hours to get everything situated. I’m so glad my company uses GoGlobal!

Felicia Day

Software Developer | Client Worker at IBM


Accept your offer and get to work with your company.

We’ll be in the background, here to help with anything HR or local.

Being employed by us and working for your company can feel a bit strange at first, but we’re a compliant way for companies to hire great talent (you!) and expand globally without having to make an entity investment in a new region of the world.

All that being said, at the end of the day we believe that by serving you — our client workers — as best as we can, we help your company, our client, find success on the global stage.

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Learn more about Employers of Record (EORs)

Visa overhauls? Currency shifts? Contractor contracts? Learn how nations around the world regulate and manage employees.

Build the career you’ve earned — anywhere.

Borders shouldn’t stop you from creating the career of your dreams. GoGlobal with employers who value talent and autonomy.