Recruit, Hire, Manage and Pay Talent Anywhere in the World

Global hiring takes more than the click of a button. Our HR experts will guide you every step of the way – quickly and compliantly.



Hire anyone — anywhere. We’ll take care of the rest.

Why should borders get in the way of business?

Bring the world’s most talented people into your organization without worrying about the legal risks of global human resources.

As a leading global employer of record (EOR), we employ your international people, navigating the complexity of international employment regulations so you can focus on talent and growth.


Business without boundaries starts with global human resources.

Use our Employer of Record (EOR) services to hire the best talent anywhere while protecting your business in markets around the world.

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Hire Talent Anywhere

Attract and retain the absolute best talent with rapid, compliant global solutions.

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Manage Human Resource Functions

Support your workforce with in-country global human resource experts and easy-to-use tools.

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Maintain Global Compliance

Mitigate the risk of global operations and complex regulatory operations with an expert partner.

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Test New Markets

Explore the potential of a new market with an agile, scalable global HR solution.

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Prepare for Global Expansion

Expand your business anywhere in the globe with the support of world-wide experts.

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Plan for Corporate Transactions

Plan for all types of corporate transactions by eliminating HR compliance risks.

After talking to a number of vendors, one vendor we spoke to gave up and referred us to the GoGlobal team in China. Not only could the GoGlobal team resolve our issue, they did it in 2 weeks!

Sam Healey

Global HR Director | EC English


Worry-free global HR services let you attract talent, scale, and grow.

We make the complex simple.

Did you know that in many countries you need to pay a “13th month” salary? Or that “at will” employment as we know it in the US doesn’t exist in most countries and terminating an employee can be difficult and expensive?

An employer of record (EOR) legally employs your people so you can focus on business. You can hire the talent you want—anywhere in the world—and use our EOR services to navigate complex international markets without taking on unnecessary risk.

It takes time, money, and expertise to establish a business internationally – the right way. That’s where GoGlobal comes in with the resources you need to attract great talent and grow your business anywhere fast, smart and cost-effectively.

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Every Nation's Regulations Differ

Legal requirements, governance structures, business licenses, and business accounts are just a few of the issues that may arise when establishing a compliant local entity.

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Choosing the Right Entity for Business

A representative office, branch office, or separate legal entity all come with benefits and complex limitations based on the country you choose and your global strategy

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You Need Notarized Documents

Countless applications, fees, payroll, the requirement of secure office premises, and registering with local tax authorities aren’t even half of the tasks you’ll have when establishing your business internationally.

Your global staff get the same great benefits we use ourselves. Local HR staff speak the language and extend your culture on-the-ground.


Easily manage everything from payroll to onboarding with our international HR platform, BlueOcean.

We’re a people-first global human resources company enabled by technology.

  • View current employees on an interactive global map.
  • Update and approve payroll in seconds.
  • Access all the latest on labor regulations.
  • Chat with your dedicated account manager for support.

Where do you want to hire?

We’ve already established entities in countries representing over 80% of the territories you’re likely expanding into — and we’re ready to take on the world. Need somewhere not on the current map? Reach out and we’ll take care of it.

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Billion dollars saved in entity setup costs, fines, and penalties


Grow with us on the global stage.

100% remote. 100% global. 100% dedicated.

At GoGlobal, we’ve built an entirely remote, international team of experts who work asynchronously to help businesses around the world expand.

Join us as we create a new way of working and enable our clients to do the same.

Take on the world with global human resources management.

Easy international hiring demands a global HR partner.