MAFTEC Recruits New Talent and Expands Internationally with GoGlobal

MAFTEC, headquartered in Japan, specializes in manufacturing thermal and emission control protection materials, catering to the industrial and automotive sectors.

Industry: Manufacturing (industrial and automotive materials)

Company Size: 500

Countries: Japan, US, Germany

Year Founded: 2021

The Need

MAFTEC, a pioneering manufacturer of thermal and emission control protection materials, was founded in 2021. With operations established in Japan, its customer base was quickly growing in the United States and Germany. The leadership team saw international expansion as essential for serving its overseas clientele more effectively.

The Challenge

When MAFTEC first considered expanding internationally, it faced significant challenges. The internal team lacked the resources needed to manage HR processes and didn’t have any back-office infrastructure in place to support employment, payroll and local compliance.

How GoGlobal Helped

In MAFTEC’s quest for solutions, the team learned how Employer of Record (EOR) services can help support global HR. GoGlobal’s unique Recruit & Hire solution especially caught the team’s eye. This solution combines expert localized recruitment with proven EOR services.

With an innovative dual approach, MAFTEC found a way to protect compliance and reduce its risk footprint. This essentially streamlined the company’s entire expansion process.

“We are highly pleased with the service, particularly in the US, as GoGlobal swiftly identified strong candidates. These employees have excelled since joining our company. GoGlobal’s one-stop service for hiring, payroll, expense reimbursement and HR tasks makes global hiring exceptionally smooth.” – Masayuki Matsumura, Director of Finance/CFO, Executive Officer, Administrative Division, MAFTEC

Key Advantages of the Partnership

MAFTEC unlocked a multitude of advantages in working with GoGlobal:

  • Expert Localized Recruitment: GoGlobal’s Recruit & Hire solution enables MAFTEC to identify and onboard top talent in target markets swiftly and compliantly.
  • Seamless EOR Services: By integrating localized expert recruitment with EOR services, GoGlobal has simplified payroll management, benefits administration and compliance. This lets the team focus on core business activities, such as business development and client service.
  • Successful Outcomes: MAFTEC has experienced exceptional results, swiftly expanding its international workforce while maintaining compliance with local employment laws. The team members recruited through GoGlobal Recruit & Hire have contributed significantly to MAFTEC’s operational capabilities and growth trajectory.

“By simplifying payroll, benefits and compliance tasks, we help MAFTEC’s team focus on driving business growth and client satisfaction. Thanks to global hiring, MAFTEC has rapidly expanded its workforce while enhancing operational capabilities. We’re excited to support the company’s ongoing growth.” – Harry Dhillon, Director of Recruit & Hire, GoGlobal

People-First Global Hiring and Expansion

GoGlobal swiftly sourced talent for MAFTEC, identifying local candidates with specialized skills. These team members have become key contributors to the company’s growth story.

MAFTEC and its workforce have benefited from the dedicated support and expert guidance of GoGlobal’s local teams. This support is powered by a people-first approach to global human resources and cutting-edge technology. The seamless one-stop service for hiring, payroll, expense reimbursement and HR tasks simplifies cross-border HR management.

With dedicated on-the-ground representatives in all locations, workers receive personalized HR support in their preferred language. This localization ensures cultural expectations and country-specific regulations are carefully considered throughout the process.

“GoGlobal’s on-the-ground HR support has made a huge difference for me at MAFTEC. Their team is always responsive and assists with any payroll, benefits or tax questions I have.” – Client Talent

Recommendations for Global Talent Management

As we reflect on our own experiences and successes in global expansion, we have a few key recommendations:

  • Evaluate global expansion strategies: Consider whether an EOR solution can allow for faster hiring and streamlined HR management. This approach may allow companies to avoid establishing a tax nexus abroad and mitigate risks.
  • Plan for sustainability: Don’t just think about immediate needs. Adopt a forward-thinking approach to talent management and global expansion, focusing on long-term scalability and growth.
  • Choose a one-stop-shop: A trusted provider like GoGlobal can streamline end-to-end HR processes and safeguard compliance, from recruitment to termination.

Check out our What is an EOR? guide or contact us to talk with an international HR expert about how the EOR hiring model can help with your global expansion plans.