Global Business Corporate Services

GoGlobal’s Business Corporate Services offer entity formation, global payroll, accounting & treasury, tax and international HR.

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Entity Formation

While establishing a new legal entity is an essential part of any international expansion strategy, it is often a cumbersome and time-consuming process that your teams don’t have the time for or lacking an in-house expertise.

We make it easy for you. We draw upon decades of first hand experiences and know all the local nuances.

During our initial consultation, we will explore different types of legal entities available in the target country and help you decide on the best suitable option for your business. Our experts will advise you on the set up process and timelines.

In jurisdictions where such requirements exist, we will also provide your entity with local domiciled director, registered address and CoSec services.

Global Payroll

People play a vital role in driving business expansion. When organizations aim to grow in new jurisdictions, they often seek to hire local talent. However, this can pose challenges, especially when it comes to understanding and complying with the complex local payroll regulations.

GoGlobal offers comprehensive Global Payroll services that span across multiple countries. With our extensive expertise in payroll management worldwide, we take charge of setting up and processing your payroll, ensuring full compliance with local regulations.

Whether you require payroll services for your own entity, assistance with managing a Non-Resident Payroll registration or support through an EOR arrangement, we handle all the necessary calculations and payments process for you, so you can focus your attention on your core business.

Our experts handle payroll processing using local, compliant system and ensure the highest level of accuracy. Protecting personal data is paramount to us, so we share employees payslips in a secure way.

You will receive detailed gross-to-net calculations and journal entry reports for your finance team. For added convenience, if you don’t have your own account, we offer a Client Trust Account in most countries, allowing seamless payment of salaries and payroll taxes. We take care of the payments on your behalf.

At GoGlobal, we recognize that payroll revolves around people and the intricacies of local payroll rules can often raise questions. Whether you need information about vacation pay, maternity regulations or notice periods, your dedicated, single point of contact possesses true local knowledge and will be able to advise on all local nuances.

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Accounting & Treasury

As part of effectively managing and controlling their international operations, organizations require accurate and timely financial information. GoGlobal provides a comprehensive suite of financial services, such as day-to-day bookkeeping, monthly management reporting in a format of your choice and statutory annual financial statements.

We will also manage your employees’ expenses and accounts payable, in accordance with local GAAP and tax rules and will work with your expense claim management tools.

If you are using one of the major ERPs, such as NetSuite, Xero or SAP, our teams are trained to use those and are happy to work with your system.

We can help you open bank accounts through our local relationships and help manage the entire payment/accounts receivable cycle.


Global tax compliance brings a lot of challenges.

Many organizations struggle with understanding the ever changing local tax rules and the overwhelming number of deadlines. Whether it is indirect (VAT, GST) or direct tax (CIT, WHT), we will handle the filing preparation and submission for you.

Our teams understand the domestic and international tax requirements across multiple jurisdictions and will ensure you remain fully compliant.

We can also advise in areas such as:

  • Permanent Establishment planning
  • Tax efficient structuring
  • Transfer pricing
  • CRS and FATCA and more.
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International HR

Employment laws in foreign countries differ from those in your home country, making it crucial to obtain local guidance when establishing a business abroad.

Whether your company is at an early stage of entering a foreign market or is already an established enterprise, we offer comprehensive assistance in International HR management.

Our services cover every stage of the process, starting from hiring through to ending the employment relationship.

  • Offer letters
  • Employment contracts
  • HR policy manuals and handbooks
  • Work permits and visas
  • Supplementary benefits
  • Employee queries

Expand Globally

GoGlobal gives you the tools to achieve your company’s international growth goals quickly. Contact us today to manage your international expansion.