Global Human Resources Management

From onboarding to payroll, offboarding to renewal, we’re here to help you go global.


Focus on what matters with a global HR management solution.

Our EOR expertise lets you easily manage critical HR functions.

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Competitive Benefits Packages

Attract great talent with customary and statutory benefits packages that capture the attention of international talent. Benefits include extending equity compensation to talent around the world.

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Employee Onboarding

Welcome new hires fast and without worry. We’ll take care of the time-consuming contracts, legal work, tax prep, and compliance requirements.

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Payroll Approval and Updates

Use our global HR platform, BlueOcean, to update and approve payroll in minutes. Our technology calculates and streamlines everything — so all you need to do is submit.

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24/7 Local HR Support

Care for your people with local HR services that extend past 9-5. Our local HR experts answer questions about payroll, visas, and more for your international employees.

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Employee Records

Access your international employee records easily using our global HR platform, BlueOcean. Keep everything in one secure cloud-based platform.

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Human-Centric Human Resources

Keep your people at the center of what you do. Build a global HR remote workforce with a human-centric international HR service provider.

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Jet Support Services

By far and away, GoGlobal is the best.


Skip the administrative headaches. Simplify global HR management.

Hand us the headaches and hassle.

As a global employer of record (EOR), we’re experts at the back-office admin that too often gets in the way of employee engagement and compassion.

Using our EOR services to manage compliance and support your employees lets you keep the focus on delivering exceptional employee experiences to all of your staff — wherever and whenever they work.

Keep humans in charge of human resources.

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Make global HR management easier for everyone involved.

Your HR team and international hires will thank you.

Our on-the-ground local, in-country HR teams can address the more specific, regulation-based questions global employees will have (from visas to benefits) — things your core HR team simply won’t know.

At the same time, we’ll give your in-house HR team the tools to access and manage your global hires. Manage your employees the way you like while knowing we’ve got the rest covered.


Manage core HR tasks with our global HR platform.

A simple click is all it takes to update and approve payroll.

Plus, our platform includes all the components you need to easily see and manage your international hires — without wasting your time.

  • View current employees on an interactive map
  • Update and approve payroll in seconds
  • Access up-to-date labor laws and regulations
  • Connect with your dedicated account manager


Global workforce solutions for hiring anyone anywhere.

We’ll do the paperwork. You do the real work.

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EOR Services

Get end-to-end support for international hiring.

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Compliance Management

Meet the requirements of local labor laws.

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On-Site Employee Support

Help employees navigate new roles with local guidance.

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International HR Consulting

Navigate global hiring with experts at your side.

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Global HR Platform

Access payroll, local support, and up-to-date labor laws.

Your people deserve more than a platform.

When the HR team has the tools to easily manage global HR functions, you’ll have time to build the culture and competencies you need to make business better.