Global HR Platform

BlueOcean, a platform so simple your team will be in and out in minutes.

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[02:24] Watch this video featuring the BlueOcean global HR platform.


Manage core HR tasks with a simple global HR platform.

A simple tool to help you manage your international talent.

Secure and easy-to-use, our international HR platform gives you everything you need to manage your global HR workforce.

  • Update and approve payroll in seconds
  • Access up-to-date labor laws and regulations
  • Get instant answers to your global HR questions with our AI chatbot

I can share reports and update payroll in seconds!

I used to spend hours filtering through employees and creating custom reports to present to our executives. With GoGlobal’s platform, it takes me just minutes and then I’m back to actually doing the work I love.

Judy C.

Director of HR, Current BlueOcean Customer

A platform can never replace authentic human connection.

Find out how to engage and integrate a global remote workforce.

We’ve built a global remote workforce at GoGlobal — and learned a lot along the way.

See how we create a satisfying culture built on authentic human relationships, and discover how we can help you do the same.

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Get in and get out. A time-saving EOR platform for HR leaders.

A global HR platform you won’t stay stuck inside for hours.

The entire point of an HR platform is to streamline tasks. Our international EOR platform, BlueOcean, is simple, and it includes the features you need without bogging you down in dozens you don’t.

Quick and easy payroll processing

Shareable reports and invoices

Real-time notifications and updates

Comprehensive document hub

Custom dashboard interface

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A face-to-face request is 34 times more successful than one sent by email.

Globalize your business without over-engineering it.

Take care of HR tasks on our global HR platform, and spend time connecting — human-to-human — with your remote workforce.

Connect with your talent instead of keeping them behind a platform.

Our global HR platform is designed to make your job easier and give your international employees the information they need without eliminating the face-to-face (virtually, of course) connection needed to make your global, remote workforce successful.

It sounds nice to have a “single communication platform,” but we all know technology without real people diminishes connection and decreases employee satisfaction. Separate the function of HR management from the day-to-day relationship with your employees — and increase retention and happiness.

Our EOR platform keeps the human in human resources.

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Focus on what makes you better with our global HR platform.

Business is better without boundaries.

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Hire Talent Anywhere

Attract and retain the absolute best talent with rapid, compliant global solutions.

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Manage Human Resource Functions

Support your workforce with in-country global human resource experts and easy-to-use tools.

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Maintain Global Compliance

Mitigate the risk of global operations and complex regulatory operations with an expert partner.

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Test New Markets

Explore the potential of a new market with an agile, scalable global HR solution.

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Prepare for Global Expansion

Expand your business anywhere in the globe with the support of worldwide experts.

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Plan for Corporate Transactions

Plan for all types of corporate transactions by eliminating HR compliance risks.

Engage Your Talent Everywhere with a Global HR Platform

Use our international EOR platform to manage the minutiae of HR and get back to integrating your global, remote workforce with proven values that make your business better.