Test Business in International Markets

Accelerate global expansion by testing new markets without massive investment.

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Setting Up An Entity In China


Explore a new market without establishing an entity.

An EOR lets you limit risk.

When it comes to testing your business model in a new market, you know there are going to be modifications along the way.

Our EOR services let you dip your toe into international waters without having to go all-in. Take the pragmatic approach to growth using our on-the-ground local experts and global HR expertise.


Test a new market and make informed decisions about expansion.

It’s called consideration, not commitment.

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Hire a few employees

Hire one or a few employees in your potential new market space to build out operations without significant overhead.

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Learn local expectations

Find out exactly what makes the local economy tick and localize your product and services to better address market demands.

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Iterate and improve

Use the data you gather in your testing period to adapt your offering, edging out competitors and zoning in on the win.

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Identify and create demand

See if there is demand for your product or services in a new market — or create that demand with your new local hires.

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Address potential obstacles

Make sure you have a plan for language barriers, executive strategy, and customs with local on-the-ground experts.

Cross borders without breaking the bank. Test a new market without going all-in. Our EOR services let you get started — anywhere.

A reliable partner for our expansion

We used GoGlobal’s service for our expansion in the US. Although we have a US entity, GoGlobal allowed us to focus on our core business both in the US and in Japan by releasing us from administrative work in English. With its global coverage, GoGlobal is a reliable partner for our expansion into other regions.

Yuki Kaneko

Team Leader, Human Resources | Aoyama Zaisan Networks Co., LTD.

Develop a trusted in-country partnership to test international markets.

Our local HR teams help you discover local needs.

Find out exactly how you’ll handle everything from language barriers to multiple time zones. Not only will we facilitate onboarding of international hires, our team consults in your expansion, helping you address critical business needs beyond the basics of HR.

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Test a new market and make informed decisions about expansion.

It’s called consideration, not commitment.

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EOR Services

Get end-to-end support for employing international talent.

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Compliance Management

Meet the requirements of local labor laws.

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On-Site Employee Support

Help employees navigate new roles with local guidance.

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International HR Consulting

Navigate global hiring with compliance solutions experts at your side.

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Global HR Platform

Access payroll, local support, and up-to-date labor laws.

Test your business in international markets.

We’ll help with your plans to expand and onboard new hires while exploring new opportunities along the way.