Independent Contractor Solutions

With a presence across six continents, GoGlobal makes it easy to engage and oversee your independent contractors with our Independent Contractor Solutions

Flexible Work Arrangements are Here to Stay – Are You Ready?

As a business, you’re only as good as your people and access to talent makes or breaks a company. Contract with the right expert for the project, no matter where in the world they’re located.

For clients, engaging with Independent Contractors (ICs) can unlock scalability in response to changing business needs, as well as access to knowledgeable professionals offering specialized expertise. However, there are key considerations and risks, which vary by country and jurisdiction, making IC workforce management a complex undertaking for multinational companies (MNCs).

How We Will Work Together

With a presence across six continents, GoGlobal makes it easy to engage and oversee your independent contractors with our Independent Contractor Solutions:

  • Leverage our global infrastructure to evaluate, engage and pay contractors quickly
  • Reduce your risks associated with misclassification and ensure compliance
  • Eliminate audit-related exposure
  • Reduce litigation risk
  • Ensure your ICs are paid in a timely manner and in compliance with local requirements
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Let Us Manage All Your Independent Contractor Needs

As part of our IC Solutions, we are your Agent of Record (AOR) which means you work with us to manage contractor vetting and compliance activities.

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Engagement and On-boarding

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Issuance of Required Tax Forms and Payment

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On-going Monitoring and Compliance

Our Compliance Evaluation Process

For evaluation against country-specific requirements.

Protect Your Business from these Risks


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Misclassification Risk

Ever-evolving employment law, case law, country requirements and varying jurisdictions create a challenging landscape for companies to monitor and assess classification risk on an ongoing basis.

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Audit Risk

Labor and tax-related audits are time consuming. Focus on your core business, knowing that your contractors are backed up by indemnification, properly structured contracts and audit-support files.

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Compliance Risks

Ongoing monitoring of licensure, insurance certificates, tax compliance in multiple jurisdictions is necessary to ensure compliance, effectively manage risk and to avoid violating labor laws or regulations.

The GoGlobal IC Solutions Difference

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Ability to recommend an optimal structure for IC agreements

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Experience with U.S. and international audit defense

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Local experts with in-depth knowledge of local regulations, culture, and language

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Speed of service

Let’s Get Started

At GoGlobal, we work with clients to ensure proper classification compliance across your entire IC workforce. We have the global expertise and experience to help you engage, pay and oversee your independent contractors – quickly, compliantly and cost effectively.