International Hiring Compliance Solutions

Worry less about tax audits and corporate compliance.


Comply with international hiring regulations.

And you won’t have to even worry about the paperwork.

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Complex Regulations

When you hire international employees, you become entwined in the local workforce regulations of their home country. When we’re your Employer of Record (EOR)— you won’t have to worry about compliance issues with local labor laws. We deliver compliance solutions.

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Tax Obligations

While your international workers likely aren’t subject to tax withholdings in your country, you will need to account for their home country’s tax withholdings. Make sure nothing is missed with a back-office HR admin that excels at international hiring.

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Customary Benefits

You know what benefits you offer your local employees — but is it the same elsewhere in the world? We’ll help you create customary and statutory benefits packages to attract and retain the right talent and maintain hiring compliance globally.

Don’t know what a W-8BEN form is? Now, you don’t need to.

Resolved our issue in 2 weeks

After talking to a number of vendors, one vendor we spoke to gave up and referred us to the GoGlobal team in China. Not only could the GoGlobal team resolve our issue, they did it in 2 weeks!

Sam Healey

Global HR Director, EC English

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Keep your focus on your people. We’ll manage the taxation bureaucracy.

Regulations, taxation, obligations — oh my.

When we’re your Employer of Record (EOR) partner, you’ll have complete control of your international talent without the headache of compliance issues and the associated expense.

That’s because we’ve done the due diligence, traveled the world, wrote the guides, and established EORs in countries where you want to hire.

Austria has the Holiday Act. Hong Kong has the Employment Ordinance.

Don’t learn every nation’s labor laws when you hire international employees. Lean on us instead.

Unless you’re obsessed with international labor laws (and if you are, check out our Careers page), learning the ins and outs of foreign hiring regulations probably isn’t the best use of your time.

We’ll protect your business from the risks associated with hiring international employees, so you get the benefit of great talent and the time to manage that talent wisely.

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Remain compliant in the remote revolution.

Find out how legislatures around the world are addressing the “work from anywhere” movement.


Misidentified workers cause red flags with corporate transactions.

Compliance issues today? That might just bite you tomorrow.

During high-growth periods, many companies will hire “independent contractors.” Hiring independent contractors can be a great way to save money and move fast — but can come with major risks.

Many independent contractors are actually employees — and this misclassification can cause a red flag that can halt potential mergers, sales, acquisitions, and other corporate transactions.

When employing international workers, make sure all of your hiring is compliant and protect the business for the long term.


Stay above-board while hiring anyone anywhere.

We’ll do the paperwork. You do the real work.

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EOR Services

Get end-to-end support for employing international talent.

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Compliance Management

Meet the requirements of local labor laws.

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On-Site Employee Support

Help employees navigate new roles with local guidance.

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International HR Consulting

Navigate global hiring with compliance solutions experts at your side.

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Global HR Platform

Access payroll, local support, and up-to-date labor laws.

Hire anyone — risk-free — with an international hiring compliance expert.

Keep compliant while bringing on great talent. We’ll help you get there. Go fast, go smart. GoGlobal.