Global Employer of Record (EOR) Services

Protect your business from risk while hiring great talent anywhere around the globe. Use our global EOR services so you hire the right talent no matter where they are in the world.

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Rapid Onboarding

Reduce the time it takes to hire an international candidate. We’ll manage all the administrative details and paperwork.

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Compliant Hiring

Comply with local labor laws, pay your employees, and manage your international teams without worrying about regulatory mistakes.

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Reduced Costs

Scale your business without making massive investments overseas. Global EOR services give you the flexibility to onboard with ease.

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Simplified HR Management

See exactly where your employees work using our global EOR platform, BlueOcean, so you can update and approve payroll, connect with your dedicated account manager and receive regulatory alerts and updates.


Take on the world with worry-free global hiring.

Hire the best talent quickly — without risk, without worry.

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Hire Talent Anywhere

Attract and retain the absolute best talent with rapid, compliant global solutions.

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Manage Human Resource Functions

Support your workforce with in-country global human resource experts and easy-to-use tools.

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Maintain Global Compliance

Mitigate the risk of complex and ever-changing in-country regulatory operations with an expert partner.

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Test New Markets

Explore the potential of a new market with an agile, scalable global HR solution.

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Prepare for Global Expansion

Expand your business anywhere in the globe with the support of worldwide experts.

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Prepare for Business Transactions

Plan for corporate transactions like IPOs and M&A by eliminating HR compliance risks.

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What is a Global Employer of Record (EOR) anyway?

An EOR lets you hire talent anywhere in the world.

If you’ve dabbled in human resources and global expansion long enough, you’ve probably heard about global EORs.

There are many ways to grow your business overseas. Send an expat (temporary and expensive), hire an independent contractor (often not compliant), establish an entity (expensive and time-consuming), or hire talent in-country using a global EOR.

That’s where we come in. We offer a fully compliant way for you to hire anyone anywhere without going through the hassle of establishing your own entity.

Mitigate the risk of global hiring with compliant global EOR services.

Outsource the compliance and tax responsibilities of international hiring to a global employer of record (EOR).

Tax Registration

Employment Contracts

Payroll Processing

Termination or Renewals

Benefits and Social Contributions

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On-The-Ground Human Resources.

It makes all the difference.

We’ve put down roots in the countries you’re looking to grow in. This helps us better support you when the questions of visas, benefits, and local labor laws come up. At GoGlobal you’ll have a local and dedicated account manager who lives and breathes the country’s payroll, benefits, and customs:

  • Knowing in-depth and staying up-to-date on complex regulations and customs
  • Understanding and adhering to labor and tax legislation
  • Supporting the education and negotiation of benefits
  • Managing compliance obligations

Think of GoGlobal as the in-country extension of your human resources team.


Turn The World Into Your Headquarters

Because you should be wherever the talent is.

Finding talent shouldn’t be bound by borders, and neither should your business’s growth. GoGlobal offers you international HR solutions removing the obstacles of finding the world’s best talent, retaining it, and expanding your business on your terms.

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Don’t risk a red flag.

In the U.S., over 2 million misclassified workers were identified in just 5 states.

Non-compliant international hiring is a major misstep businesses make — and it gets in the way of everything from financing to funding to acquisition. If you have an independent contractor doing the work of an employee, that will likely be uncovered during corporate transactions such as IPOs, mergers, acquisitions, carve-outs or spinoffs.

Protect your business’ reputation and the future state of the organization by using a global EOR company that guarantee compliance with local labor laws wherever applicable.

Super professional and easy to communicate with

I would love to recommend GoGlobal’s team. For now, we work together in Japan, but I plan to expand our working together to more territories as they have been super professional and easy to communicate with (fast response, great communication skills in English, which could be challenging sometimes).

Maya Sender

Human Capital Director, SWAT/Ministry of Movement PTE. LTD

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Take business further with human-centric global EOR services.

An EOR platform alone isn’t the answer.

Many EOR providers hand you a feature-laden platform and wish you good luck. While a cool platform helps (and we have one, too), it doesn’t actually solve for the development and retention of a remote, global workforce.

How do we know? Well, we built GoGlobal, an entirely remote, global workforce. You’re in human resources, and humans still matter. So, you want an global EOR provider that focuses on keeping your humans happy.

The best talent is waiting. Hire them now with EOR services.

Boundaries shouldn’t get in the way of business. Hire the best talent anywhere in the world without taking on additional risk or cost by using globally-recognized EOR services.