Global Hiring Solutions

Deliver local HR support to your employees wherever they work.

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Employ talent anywhere with a global employer of record (EOR).

From Singapore to Argentina. From Malta to Vietnam. Talented people live everywhere — and now you can employ them anywhere.

But instead of going through the headache of complex regulatory employment training, pass the burden to us. Our global hiring solutions help you attract, recruit, and employ the best talent wherever they work.

Let’s put the human back in human resources.

Without them, we would not have been able to secure our resource in a timely and compliant manner.

We were introduced to GoGlobal in early 2019 and had to urgently onboard an individual in Tokyo compliantly and quickly though we did not have an entity. We are pleased to endorse their organization in helping organizations from China to quickly expand outside with prompt and clear responses.

Rachel Shen

HR Director, Pearl Engineered Solutions


Stay compliant and get the best talent anywhere with global hiring solutions.

No two countries have the same regulations. Worry less with EOR services.

An Employer of Record (EOR) — that’s us — legally employs your staff, taking care of everything from benefits to paperwork. While we’re your international employees’ EOR, you still manage and oversee their work.

Test a new market.

Use short-term temporary assignments.

Manage staff outside of a local office.

Expand to work with global partners.

Protect your Intellectual Property (IP).

Scale with flexible hiring opportunities.

Tap into top technical talent.

Retain staff after M&A carve-out.

Want to fly to Cambodia 3 times to have EOR documents notarized in person? Margaret already did.

That’s how an EOR works. As one of the world’s leading global employer of record (EOR), we’ve done the legwork so you get a leg up in your market space.

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Are you sure your independent contractor is not an employee?

Learn all about independent contractor compliance guidelines.


Use a global EOR to hire and support your staff.

HR is about people. Take care of yours with global hiring solutions.

EOR Services

Compliance Management

On-Site Employee Support

International HR Consulting

Global HR Platform

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Don’t bury your people behind a platform.

Caring for your staff is easier with people-centric global employment solutions.

You need a global HR platform to manage your human resource functions — like payroll and onboarding — but a platform can’t replace the human in human resources.

That’s why our on-the-ground local HR teams are so critical to our client’s and their employees. What form do you need to fill out when extending a VB129? How do you calculate annual pay raises in a depreciating currency?

You and your staff have access to all this knowledge and more with our global hiring solutions.


Everything you need to know about international hiring and HR.

Visa overhauls? Currency shifts? Contractor contracts? Learn how nations around the world regulate and manage employees.

Scale and grow with global employment solutions.

Whether you want to hire 1 person or expand full-steam into a new market, global employment solutions give you the tools to do so with minimal risk and maximum return.