International Business Transactions

Eliminate HR red flags in IPOs, mergers, acquisitions, and carve-outs.

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Mitigate the risks associated with international hiring.

A single HR mistake could cost your business millions.

When planning for an international corporate transaction, you don’t want a past misstep to delay or terminate exits, sales, or IPO transactions.

Gain assurance that talent management won’t raise a red flag. Retain your teams, safeguard compliance, and gain speed in global hiring.

15% of employers misclassify at least one employee. Misclassifying employees can lead to fines, civil lawsuits, criminal penalties, and a tarnished reputation.

We appreciate the GoGlobal team who helped us over the Christmas break to get our newly acquired team in Japan on the payroll by New Years!

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Retain your staff following an M&A carve out.

47% of key employees leave a company within a year of a transaction.

Managing cross-border talent is a tough proposition. Rife with roadblocks in regulatory compliance, contracts, tax, benefits, current exchanges, language barriers, and cultural nuances, you need a partner to help you find a way forward.

That’s why you need more than a platform. Work with an employer of record (EOR) capable of delivering the guidance you need to minimize risks and help your business thrive during international business transactions.

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EORs for Cross-Border Corporate Transactions

Learn how an EOR helps you address international business transactions in our latest article.

Transfer employees into your HR ecosystem rapidly.

International business transactions shouldn’t leave employees feeling estranged.

Use an EOR to transition team members into your ecosystem.

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Rapid Integration

Transfer employees into the buyer’s human capital ecosystem in a timely manner.

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Flexible Approach

Use EOR services that accommodate your hours, location, and operational model.

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Turnkey Model

Make sure every nuance is covered with a partner experienced in business transactions.

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Compliant & Secure

Deliver a legal, compliant HR solution with a trusted EOR partner for business transactions.


Manage core HR tasks with our global HR platform.

See every employee in seconds using our dashboard.

You’ll have the visibility you need to manage international employees without getting buried under a ton of features.

  • View current employees on an interactive map
  • Update and approve payroll in seconds
  • Access up-to-date labor laws and regulations
  • Connect with your dedicated account manager


Global workforce solutions for hiring anyone anywhere.

We’ll do the paperwork. You do the real work.

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EOR Services

Get end-to-end support for international hiring.

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Compliance Management

Meet the requirements of local labor laws.

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On-Site Employee Support

Help employees navigate new roles with local guidance.

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International HR Consulting

Navigate global hiring with experts at your side.

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Global HR Platform

Access payroll, local support, and up-to-date labor laws.

Move at the speed of international business transactions.

Protect your people and operations, too. An EOR gives you the confidence to hire, transfer, and manage international staff before, during, and after an international business transaction.