Dive into BlueOcean: Global HR Management Made Easy

In today’s global and remote work environment, businesses face unique challenges in recruiting, hiring and managing talent. The need to hire faster, accomplish more and stay compliant has never been greater. BlueOcean, GoGlobal’s global HR platform, makes it easy for you to grow your global team – anywhere in the world. 

What makes BlueOcean different from other EOR software? It’s the people behind the platform. GoGlobal has experts in every country in which we operate, keeping your talent happy and ensuring you stay compliant. We’ll help you navigate international recruitment and hiring every step of the way.

 A Global HR Platform That Respects Your Time 

The essence of an HR platform is to simplify, not complicate. BlueOcean is crafted for HR professionals and infused with our team’s global expertise — it’s made for HR professionals. BlueOcean saves you time so you can spend it on what matters most: your talent. 

What’s New & Noteworthy in BlueOcean?

Over the past several months, GoGlobal has been working to improve and enhance the platform. The latest version of BlueOcean provides new features designed to make it easier than ever to use, including:

  • Enhanced User Interface: BlueOcean’s new user interface makes it even easier to collaborate with the team at GoGlobal to pay global talent on time and compliantly.
  • New Filters: Your essential data is accessible at your fingertips. Finding key information has never been this easy.
  • Easily Accessible Document Library: From new hire quotations to signed SOWs/MSAs, everything is neatly organized for quick access.
  • Visual Onboarding Process Tracking: Know exactly where your talent is in their onboarding process with GoGlobal.
  • Revamped Payroll Module: Managing global payroll is quick and easy with features like highlighted variances and bulk payroll instruction uploads.
  • User Access Rights: Control access by role to ensure data security and integrity.
  • Generative AI Tool Within the Platform: Ask global HR-specific questions in natural language and get quick, accurate answers from ChatGoGlobal.

Ready to Dive In?  

Watch this short video for an overview of the enhanced BlueOcean platform and let us help you with your global talent hiring, onboarding and managing. It’s never been easier! 

If you’re looking to hire cross-border talent and would like a live quote, or if you’d like advice on hiring in any country, request a demo of BlueOcean today.