Checklist for a Boundless Career:
35 Remote Work Tips

the words remote work written on wooden blocks placed on a laptop
Nick Broughton

By Nick Broughton, GoGlobal Partner

In an era where the world of work has transcended geographical boundaries, remote work has become more than just a trend—it’s a disruptive force reshaping the future of the business landscape. 

This paradigm shift isn’t just advantageous for companies looking to tap into diverse pools of talent. It’s also transformative for individuals seeking new horizons. Professionals from every corner of the globe are seizing the opportunity to break free from traditional constraints and collaborate seamlessly with international companies. 

For both companies and professionals, this revolution in work dynamics is unlocking a vast array of possibilities. Whether you’re a seasoned remote worker well-versed in the nuances of virtual collaboration or someone just embarking on the journey of working beyond borders, this comprehensive checklist of 35 essential tips is tailored to guide you toward success in the global workplace. 

Core Remote Work Principles

  • Self-Discipline: Stay focused without constant supervision.
  • Communication Mastery: Master clear, concise digital communication.
  • Tech-Savviness: Navigate digital tools and troubleshoot independently.
  • Work Ethic: Stay self-motivated and committed to high-quality work.
  • Collaborative Spirit: Excel in remote team collaboration. Embrace feedback loops and foster positive relationships.

Job Search and Recruitment Process

  • Know The Lingo: Understand variations in remote roles (fully remote, partially remote, remote ok, etc.) and consider flexibility preferences before job hunting. Get familiar with remote work jargon, such as blended teams, workation, hot desking, flextime, onboarding, synchronous communication, etc. 
  • Avoid Remote Job Scams: Be cautious. Check for the employer’s online presence and reviews. Verify legitimacy and avoid sharing personal information.
  • Assess Your Skills and Match Remote Roles: Identify jobs based on skills and qualifications. Consider in-demand remote roles, such as Senior Software Engineers, DevOps Engineers, Cloud Engineers, Front-End and Back-End Engineers, System Integration Engineers, Customer Service Representatives, Sales Development Representatives, Project Managers, Graphic Designers, Marketing Managers and more. 
  • Align with Remote Employers’ Needs: Stand out by addressing remote employers’ preferences, which usually include organization, self-motivation, strong communication, adaptability, technological literacy, independence and reliability.
  • Prepare an Effective Resume: Craft a compelling, tailored resume highlighting your work history. Use simple formatting so it can sync with ATS systems.
  • Be Interview-Ready: Ensure proper camera and lighting, strong WiFi and a quiet place for your remote interviews. Be sure to dress professionally.

Digital Nomads and Workation Enthusiasts

  • Create a Dedicated Workspace: Enhance focus and productivity with a functional, comfortable workspace in any location you work from. 
  • Explore Your Surroundings: Draw inspiration from the new environment. Discover local culture. Make the most of the opportunity to work from anywhere.
  • Balance Work and Play: Find the sweet spot between professional commitments and leisure activities. Define achievable objectives for a healthy work-life balance during workations.

Legal and Financial Considerations

Time Management

  • Effective Time Blocking: Organize your day into focused time blocks for increased productivity.
  • Differentiate Work and Personal Time: Clearly define work hours for a healthy work-life balance.
  • Schedule Breaks to Recharge: Plan regular breaks to avoid burnout and recharge creatively.

Technology and Equipment

  • Secure Digital Practices: Protect sensitive information through secure digital practices and VPN usage.
  • Utilize Cloud-Based Tools: Ensure seamless access to work resources from anywhere.
  • Regularly Back Up Data: Ensure regular backups to prevent data loss.

Culture and Language

  • Cultural Sensitivity: Develop awareness and sensitivity when working with diverse teams.
  • Language Proficiency: Be sure to focus on opportunities that align with your language skills. Brush up on language skills if necessary. 

Health and Well-being

  • Prioritize Mental Health: Establish routines that prioritize mental and emotional well-being. Be sure to also embrace “in real life” social opportunities to avoid physical isolation. 
  • Physical Well-being: Incorporate regular exercise to stay healthy and energized.

Team Building

  • Participate Actively: Engage in virtual meetings and team-building activities.
  • Celebrate Milestones: Acknowledge and celebrate team and individual achievements.

Take Your Remote Career to the Next Level

  • Continuous Learning: Stay updated on industry trends and relevant technologies. Allocate a personal budget for courses, conferences and tools – aimed at bolstering your career in the long term. 
  • Networking: Build and nurture a global professional network for new opportunities.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Have contingency plans for unforeseen challenges during remote work.
  • Stay Adaptable: Embrace change and remain adaptable to evolving work dynamics.
  • Get Hired Through an Employer of Record or Agency of Record: Consider opportunities through an Employer of Record (EOR) for a streamlined employment process. If you’re approaching remote work as an independent contractor (IC), consider working through an Agency of Record (AOR) which can help put your self-employment journey on the fast track. 

Mastering remote work with international companies requires a blend of technical prowess, cultural awareness as well as a commitment to continuous improvement. 

As you navigate a borderless world of work, I hope these insights will empower you to not only adapt but thrive in the remote work landscape where opportunities know no bounds.

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