CompoSecure grows global sales team with GoGlobal’s help

CompoSecure designs and manufactures high-end metal payment cards and secure authentication solutions for banks, fintechs and other businesses around the world.

Industry: Technology
Company Size: 501-2000
Countries: China
Year Founded: 2000

“To launch the international sales program and onboard these sales reps without the pain and agony that we went through in China to have a single employee, has been a huge benefit in cost savings, time savings and distraction of management. GoGlobal manages the onboarding, payroll, benefits and most importantly, compliance obligations.”

– Steven J. Feder General Counsel, CompoSecure

The Need

CompoSecure primarily services domestic clients but over the past several years, we’ve substantially expanded our international sales through our own international sales force with people in various locations around the world.

When we found GoGlobal, we were thrilled to be able to offload compliance obligations to GoGlobal and simplify our approach to international employees.

GoGlobal’s BlueOcean Technology is a Game-Changer

We believe that we’ve been able to keep our international sales teams integrated into the overall company culture and they don’t view themselves as GoGlobal employees, which of course we didn’t want. They view themselves as CompoSecure employees and full team members.

Through the power of technology, we’ve made them feel part of our organization. I think part of that comfort came from the onboarding process and the BlueOcean portal that was used to welcome employees. Our teams understood they were not becoming GoGlobal employees, they were becoming CompoSecure employees and that messaging came through very clearly for them.

Keeping Up With Rapid Expansion

Once we established our relationship with GoGlobal, we were very comfortable that they could handle onboarding sales staff throughout the world.

I actually have not yet encountered a country that they don’t have capabilities in and that’s been tremendously helpful to us in moving forward aggressively with our sales expansion program and getting people onboarded quickly in every additional country.

Advice for Embarking on an International Expansion Strategy

For companies considering sales staff expansion, international expansion, or even just expanding their existing employee base – think about working with a PEO or an EOR.

Knowing exactly how your partner will engage with you, knowing their level of expertise and their experience (both domestically and internationally) is going to make the process easier for you. You don’t have to worry about compliance if you have GoGlobal as your partner.

Check out our What is an EOR? guide or contact us to talk with an international HR expert about how the EOR hiring model can help with your global expansion plans.