Jet Support Services Shares How GoGlobal Supports Their Company’s Ambitious Growth and Expansion Strategy

Jet Support Services Case Study

Jet Support Services, Inc. (JSSI) is the leading independent provider of maintenance support and financial services to the business aviation industry.

Industry: Maintenance
Company Size: 201-500
Countries: Japan
Year Founded: 1989

“Realizing the complexity involved in our hiring needs, we connected with GoGlobal. They were able to provide services in a country that we hadn’t previously had connections with. And what we realized through the process was that the team from GoGlobal is top-notch.” – Frank Hattula, Director of Human Resources, Jet Support Services, Inc., MHRM, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

The Need: It All Started in Japan 

With our already-large footprint and some aggressive growth plans, we suspected we might one day need global coverage from a single partner. But that day came sooner than expected. 

We previously worked with another Asia-Pacific (APAC) provider, who handled workers in Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong and mainland China. They were adequate for where we once stood as a company, but a specific situation in Japan caused us to investigate GoGlobal as a longer-term alternative. 

We had a position open in Japan and the candidate we ultimately selected is an American married to a Japanese woman, which means she speaks Japanese. We needed local language support as well as a partner with local expertise in compliance, payroll processing, taxation and benefits. 

GoGlobal made everything fast, easy, affordable and convenient. We quickly onboarded the worker and discovered that their user experience is second to none – for both us and the worker! 

Global Coverage with Local Knowledge 

During the implementation process with GoGlobal, we quickly found value in their global reach and local expertise.  

There are numerous country-specific employment laws no one person can be totally familiar with. Moreover, regulations change constantly, such as contributions for pensions and statutory benefits. 

GoGlobal’s in-country team has all this covered and is always there to answer any questions we have about specific contract language. 

Workers Appreciate the Experience Too 

GoGlobal makes everything seamless for the worker, quickly answering any questions that arise regarding payroll, taxation or benefits.  

GoGlobal experts are on the ground in the worker’s country. This means workers can rest assured knowing advice is always available on any aspect of their employment. 

Benefits for workers employed by an EOR: 

  • The safety net of permanent employment 
  • Legal protections 
  • No time zone barriers 
  • Statutory and supplementary benefits 
  • Localized support with awareness of culture and customs
  • Local language support 

Why Partner With an EOR? 

It’s important to think beyond immediate needs. You may only need to hire in two countries now but in six months, you may have a need for another four or five. Maybe you will need to expand from APAC into the EU, Middle East and Africa.  

An EOR provider with expertise in multiple jurisdictions can help you confidently hire – no matter where and no matter how many people you need to onboard. 

The more countries a provider can service, the more seamless your strategy is in the long run. A truly global reach relieves you from contracting country-by-country and dealing with multiple invoices. 

Why GoGlobal? 

See Frank talk about working with GoGlobal

A Single Point of Contact 

We work with a single point of contact at GoGlobal. That for us is game-changing.  

With the other provider, we had separate people for each of the separate countries. Invoicing was done separately, on a per-country basis. Questions were handled on a per-country basis and we had to direct questions to the specific person for that country. 

This previous experience was frustrating. Am I contacting person A, person B or person C for my question? Who do I talk to for Hong Kong, China or Thailand? Who is going to answer my question? We’d have to sometimes copy four or five people on emails to get responses. 

With GoGlobal, I know I can reach my single point of contact. If she doesn’t have the answer (which most of the time she does), she’s going to be able to get an answer for me quickly. I don’t have to chase down multiple people. She handles that. 

I like having one invoice for all the countries. I’m not having to chase down invoices from multiple countries. GoGlobal makes it so easy to get invoiced and pay. The process is so simple. 

Easy Onboarding 

The easy onboarding process is one of the reasons we chose to work with GoGlobal.  

We start by completing an online questionnaire to capture information about the worker, the relationship we have, contact information, salary and in-country specifics for compliance. 

A GoGlobal person is then assigned from that country. They work on an employment contract that we then have the opportunity to review and give feedback on. Then it’s on to the employee. 

With GoGlobal, the process is just a couple of weeks – much faster than we saw with other providers. 

Great Service with Great Economics 

When we discovered GoGlobal’s high-quality service, we decided to align with them worldwide. We enjoyed even more favorable pricing and reaped the benefits of consolidation – while maintaining a single point of contact. For us, that was everything. 

A Partner That Can Keep Pace with Our Growth 

GoGlobal is helping to drive the growth of our company. We’re almost twice as large as when we started working with them – and we’re significantly larger than when I started here 20 years ago. 

With GoGlobal, I’m able to see the growth firsthand. I’m experiencing employment jurisdictions and learning more about countries that I’ve never in my career had a chance to operate in: Japan, Indonesia, Thailand and Hong Kong. 

Working with GoGlobal gives me a chance to expand my own human resources toolkit and expand my basket of knowledge. I’m learning really cool things about what it’s like to manage people in these places. That’s very satisfying.


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