Global Expansion for Founders and Startups: Expert Insights Part 1

a startup founder discussing global expansion strategies using a white board

In the fast-paced world of startups, the path to success is precarious and fraught with uncertainties. Amid these obstacles also lies a world of opportunities waiting to be seized. One such opportunity, often deemed essential for startups, is global expansion.  

However, navigating the complexities of global markets requires more than just a bold vision. It demands strategic planning, trusted advisors and, above all, a talented team. 

At GoGlobal, we understand the pivotal role talent plays in the success of startups. That’s why we’re excited to announce our May 14 webinar It’s A Small World: International Expansion for Startups. 

This interactive discussion will explore the pressing challenges and talent arbitrage opportunities in global expansion for founders and startups. There will be a special focus on hiring and talent management. 

To provide attendees with real-world insights and expertise, we’ve assembled a panel of founders and industry leaders. They each have firsthand experience in guiding startups through the intricacies of cross-border expansion: 

This panel brings unique perspectives and a wealth of experience to the table, ensuring a dynamic discussion.  

We are presenting a series of blog posts ahead of the webinar, offering a sneak peek of some of the insights that will be discussed. For this installment, we are joined by our expert panelist and Business Operations Director of Atlanta Tech Park Nashlee Young 

How important is it for startups to develop a comprehensive market entry strategy when entering new international markets?

Nashlee: It is important with any go-to-market (GTM) strategy, and more important when going international, to make sure you are accounting for culture, environment and staff, as well as legal if you will establish a legal entity or sell internationally. 

What are the top factors they should consider in their approach?

Nashlee: Having a strong foundation is important. This means knowing your market, specifically where you want to penetrate the market. Don’t try to bite off too large of an area before you have a solid foundation. Notably, expert partners, local connections and market research will help you be better prepared with your approach.  

How can an accelerator (like Atlanta Tech Park) support founders and startups in expanding and hiring in new international markets?

Nashlee: Being a member of Atlanta Tech Park, one key factor we like to help our entrepreneurs with is connecting with expert partners like GoGlobal. A connection like this helps them find the right resources and support. We also facilitate connections with national companies that can offer coaching and advisory, as well as potential partners who can provide valuable insights specific to the target expansion market. 

What recommendations do you have for founders or startups looking to find support from an accelerator?

Nashlee: If the entrepreneur or startup is located in the US, they need to join a community, such as Atlanta Tech Park, for example.  

We have memberships for entrepreneurs whether they are local or not. This connects them with our vibrant community and allows us to help them engage partners or companies in the countries they are looking to expand into. Before they join, we discuss with them what they are looking for and where we can help. 

Are there any emerging trends you’re seeing in the startup ecosystem when it comes to global expansion/hiring?

Nashlee: Global expansion and hiring are on the rise. We are also seeing more of the accelerator ecosystems in other countries looking to connect and help companies land and expand in their regions. 

Can you share any real-life examples or case studies of startups that have successfully scaled internationally and highlight key lessons?

Nashlee: We had a startup that created a digital platform and started with two people in the US, here at Atlanta Tech Park. We coached and advised them on their growth in the US, ensuring they had a strong foundation before expanding globally.  

They initially found if they didn’t have a local presence for hiring and managing, their turnover and performance were not ideal. They quickly learned it was easier for them to expand when they partnered with local recruiters (or local HR experts) in target countries to help them with hiring and managing the staff.  

Join us for more actionable insights

View the webinar recording where we dig deeper into critical topics, offering actionable insights and strategies for startups looking to expand globally. From Employer of Record (EOR) services to global recruitment solutions, the discussion explores a wide range of tools and resources available to startups. The goal is to help founders build an arsenal and buttress their journey of international expansion and talent management.

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