GoGlobal China Acquires Coveted Chinese Dispatch License

goglobal china acquires dispatch license

GoGlobal has become the first foreign-controlled EOR to acquire a Chinese dispatch license or 劳务派遣执照. Granted by the Central Government in Beijing to select companies after a rigorous review process, the license offers the following benefits to GoGlobal clients:

  1. Risk reduction: Foreign EORs in China call it “consulting” which is gray and operate without proper dispatch license or use local partners which may have security or service issues.
  2. All China: Many foreign EORs in China have an office in Shanghai which allows employment in that city only. With a dispatch license, GoGlobal clients can employ talents across different cities in China while maintaining local compliance.
  3. Government sign-off: As most global organizations which operate in China would know, the Chinese government’s sign-off on business activities in China is critical to mitigating risk of audit and censure. This license provides better security to all GoGlobal clients.

The license can be checked online (in Chinese) at the following address:

Ryo Yazu, Representative Director of GoGlobal Japan stated, “We are pleased to acquire this highly coveted license. Whilst we had operations and teams in Beijing and Shanghai, our clients demanded the ability to employ people all over China which, without this license, would require setting up 26 different companies. The credibility gives further comfort to our Japanese clients going to China and to our Chinese clients as they expand globally. This license is a big step forward in achieving Asia to the world.”