GoGlobal Launches EOR Services in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic and Switzerland

GoGlobal, the world’s fastest-growing, privately-owned global Employer of Record (EOR) services provider, announced today the launch of services in four European countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic and Switzerland.

GoGlobal, already known as the premier provider of EOR services in Asia Pacific, is now operating in 12 countries across Europe. The company has existing operations in Denmark, France, Ireland, Netherlands and the United Kingdom and recently launched in Italy, Germany and Poland. The latter three countries represent some of the company’s fastest growing markets. The four newest countries each have strategic purpose for GoGlobal and its clients:

  • Austria’s location in Central Europe, combined with one of the most highly educated populations on the continent, make it an ideal location to hire talent.
  • The Czech Republic, home to 19 STEM-focused universities and more than 13,000 IT companies, is a technology hub that offers an incredible talent pool.
  • Belgium, home to the de facto headquarters of the European Union in Brussels, is often seen as the center of Europe. Along with a growing technology ecosystem, it is a hotbed for nonprofit organizations to hire talent.
  • Switzerland’s world-class universities produce highly skilled labor across a variety of industries while the country’s quality of life attracts workers from around the world. Switzerland’s long history as a banking center has pushed it to the forefront of fintech.

Nick Broughton, a GoGlobal Partner based in Switzerland, said: “GoGlobal has launched operations in twelve countries across Europe in less than a year, which is an incredible feat. We opened in Austria a month ahead of schedule just to accommodate an important client. We’re grateful for our operations team and appreciate their dedication and client-first attitude. But it’s not just the team in Europe; our entire global operations team is supporting our growth. It’s truly a company-wide effort.”

Andrew Lindquist, a GoGlobal Partner based in San Francisco, said, “Europe is a key market for GoGlobal. The speed we’re moving at is important, but just as critical is the work the operations team is doing to ensure the solutions are compliant and best in class. These additional four markets firmly place us as Europe’s market leader. There’s more exciting news to come as we continue to grow our footprint and team.”