GoGlobal Expands Operations into Africa with Launch of Employer of Record Services in South Africa

panoramic view of South Africa

GoGlobal’s newly launched operations team brings international hiring opportunities to South Africa, empowering global business expansion into Africa

GoGlobal, the world’s fastest-growing, privately-owned provider of global Employer of Record (EOR) services, announced today the launch of operations in South Africa. GoGlobal is a premier provider of EOR services in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. With its expansion into Africa, GoGlobal is now operating in six continents around the world. The launch is indicative of GoGlobal’s commitment to supporting business investment in the region.

South Africa, one of the world’s most culturally diverse nations, is regarded as Africa’s most advanced, diversified and productive economy. Along with offering numerous market opportunities within its borders, South Africa serves as a gateway for multinational companies (MNCs) looking to tap into Africa’s rapidly growing marketplace of over 1 billion people.

Andrew Lindquist, GoGlobal Partner, said: “South Africa is often the first choice for MNCs looking to scale new market opportunities in Africa, thanks to its economic stability, advanced infrastructure and developed talent pool. In recent years, prominent brands like Barclays Bank, BMW, General Electric, Standard Bank Group, Vodafone and Volkswagen have deepened their business footprint in the country. As more MNCs set their sights on South Africa for global business expansion and hiring, we can partner with them and offer our cost-effective, agile EOR solutions – especially if they are looking for a low-risk way to test the waters.”

South Africa’s business process outsourcing (BPO) industry, which proved resilient against the COVID-19 crisis, is projected to triple in size and create nearly a million new jobs by 2030, according to insights from McKinsey. The Global Innovation Index 2021 identifies South Africa as outperforming other middle-income economies in five pillars: institutions, human capital, market diversity, business sophistication and technology outputs.

Margaret Yip, GoGlobal Partner, adds: “South Africa leads the pack as the economic powerhouse of Africa. GoGlobal’s technology-enabled EOR solutions allow businesses of all sizes and geographies to build a team in South Africa – without setting up a local entity. We ensure compliance and oversee all payroll processes, including contributions to statutory benefits, taxation and localized support. This way, our clients can focus on core business-growth activities while they tap into burgeoning market opportunities in South Africa and Africa.”

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