GoGlobal Launches Employer of Record and M&A Services in Europe

GoGlobal’s newly launched European team will support client’s international hiring needs to empower global expansion and M&A strategy.

GoGlobal, the leading provider of global Employer of Record (EOR) services in Asia Pacific, is excited to announce it has extended its operations to cover Europe.

Andrew Lindquist, a partner at GoGlobal based in San Francisco, said: “We have been quietly expanding our team and footprint throughout the region to prepare for this exciting moment. As the global business landscape evolves, the same level of service our clients have received from GoGlobal in Asia Pacific is needed in other markets. We’ve built a top-notch team in Europe, where our model is to offer solutions to our clients and partners directly whenever possible, rather than through third parties, so we can help them effectively hire and scale new opportunities.”

Now operating in the largest economies of Asia and Europe, GoGlobal is rapidly growing to cover the rest of the EU and beyond. GoGlobal hires employees on behalf of their clients, reducing administrative costs, resources, and efforts to operate internationally. Supporting clients across verticals and diverse industries, GoGlobal also provides complementary services such as procurement of employee equipment and office space solutions.

Margaret Yip, Chief of Staff based in Hong Kong and in charge of GoGlobal’s international expansion program, said: “We hit the ground running on our European launch, engaging a phenomenal team with deep and rich industry experience. Prior to the official launch, we piloted in Europe with select clients and partners – and the response has been fantastic. The new additions to our team will not just play a role in managing our business in Europe but will also help GoGlobal achieve its goal of becoming the global EOR leader.”

While the expansion supports GoGlobal’s existing and largely North American client base, it also facilitates growth into Europe from Asia Pacific where GoGlobal’s client base continues to grow. Furthermore, it provides in-region and in-language support for European organizations looking to expand globally.

Lindquist added: “Our growing team and model will play a critical role in international expansion as well as M&A support, with EOR services activating more economic modes of hiring and operations. Stay tuned as there are more announcements about our European leadership team and continued global expansion. It’s an exciting time at GoGlobal.”