GoGlobal Launches Employer of Record (EOR) Services in Mexico and Colombia

GoGlobal, the world’s fastest-growing, privately-owned provider of global Employer of Record (EOR) services, announced today the opening of operations in Mexico and Colombia.

GoGlobal is already known for being a premier provider of EOR services, in Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas. Today’s launch into Mexico and Colombia marks the company’s continued growth of operation in Latin America (LATAM), having established offices in both Argentina and Brazil in 2021.

Mexico is a sought-after market by fast-growing multinational companies (MNCs) for its diversified, open economy with a deep industry footprint in high-tech, manufacturing and logistics/supply chain. Boasting a young, talented and highly-skilled workforce, Mexico is also projected to become the world’s seventh-largest economy according to data from PwC, surpassing the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan.

Colombia is one of the most attractive destinations for foreign investment and business expansion in LATAM, thanks to a marketplace of 50 million people, an abundance of natural resources, economic stability and a well-educated and growing middle class. The country also maintains a comprehensive legal framework to facilitate investments and expansions by foreign businesses.

Ana Vizzotto, GoGlobal director heading up operations for the Americas and LATAM, said: “Notably, Mexico has the world’s largest Spanish-speaking population and is the world’s largest majority Spanish-speaking economy, making it an ideal launch point for MNCs looking to expand into LATAM. Meanwhile, Colombia, the ‘gateway to South America’, is making inroads as a strategic business hub. With a growing tech sector, the country is also positioning itself as the Silicon Valley of Latin America. We’re excited to now offer cost-effective, high-quality EOR solutions in both Mexico and Colombia so global businesses can better tap into LATAM’s strong internal markets, growing infrastructure and attractive talent pools.”

Andrew Lindquist, GoGlobal partner, said: “We’ve experienced growing demand to expand our services into both Mexico and Colombia, particularly from our clients and partners in the United States and Europe. Operating with a small headcount in both countries can be a formidable challenge for foreign companies, but we take the reins in simplifying HR and payroll processes. By seamlessly hiring talent and offering top-level benefits at an affordable cost, our clients will gain a distinct competitive advantage in a hot market on the rise.”