GoGlobal Launches New Entity in Ukraine to Support Global Expansion and Hiring

GoGlobal’s newly launched local operations team to help businesses navigate the Ukrainian market

GoGlobal, a leading people-first international HR and Employer of Record (EOR) service provider, announced today the launch of operations in Ukraine. The local entity provides multinational companies (MNCs) with the support and expertise required to invest in Ukraine’s economy and vibrant workforce during these challenging times for the country.

“Ukraine is a land of untapped potential and opportunity, especially when it comes to IT, agriculture, manufacturing and infrastructure improvements. With a highly educated and skilled workforce, a favorable business environment and a strategic location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, it is the perfect destination for businesses seeking to expand their operations and break into new markets,” says Valeriya Tiavlovskaia, Associate Director of Client Solutions, GoGlobal.

The launch is indicative of GoGlobal’s commitment to Ukraine and its resilient people, as well as the investment and expansion opportunities the country offers to businesses. GoGlobal’s local experts can help businesses navigate Ukraine’s regulatory compliance requirements and HR processes, and can recruit, hire and manage a company’s local workforce.

“Despite the ongoing conflict, Ukraine’s IT talent pool is very much available and is currently an untapped resource,” says GoGlobal Executive Director Kurt von Moos. “Ukraine boasts a highly proficient and educated workforce with advanced degrees in computer science and related fields, which makes it a prime destination for businesses seeking skilled professionals. Additionally, Ukraine has a strong tradition in science and engineering, which has fostered a pool of top-notch developers, engineers, and other IT professionals.”

By expanding and hiring in Ukraine, businesses can benefit from competitive costs, a favorable business environment and government incentives targeted at foreign investors. These include tax breaks, grants and subsidies.

In addition, investing in Ukraine at this time is a form of support considering the toll the war has taken on the country’s economy and citizens. One of the most effective forms of aid can come with MNCs boosting the local economy and offering Ukraine’s workforce access to additional opportunities.

“Many Ukrainian citizens who initially fled the country have either returned or are working remotely, and much of the male population has remained to support their families and defend their country. People still need to work to provide for their families. We’d like to play a small part in helping people stay employed,” says Nick Broughton, GoGlobal partner.