GoGlobal Launches New AI-Powered Chatbot – ChatGoGlobal

ChatGoGlobal's Screenshot snip showing search results

Ask a global HR question and get a natural language instant response 

GoGlobal, a leading international HR and Employer of Record (EOR) services provider announced today the launch of ChatGoGlobal, its new AI-powered tool.  This generative AI chatbot is designed to help companies get quick and pertinent answers to questions relating to global HR benefits, country-specific employment regulations, employee contracts and more.  

ChatGoGlobal takes the power of generative AI and combines it with GoGlobal’s extensive database of HR regulatory information for over 100 countries to create an AI-powered tool for companies looking for information related to their global workforce. GoGlobal is the first international Employer of Record (EOR) to offer an AI-powered chatbot of this kind.  

“One of the challenges of managing a global workforce is to keep on top of different employment laws, benefits, country-specific customs and holidays. ChatGoGlobal makes it easy to ask a question and instantly receive an accurate response,” said Margaret Yip, Partner at GoGlobal.  

ChatGoGlobal, using the latest advances in AI, understands complex queries and provides answers within seconds. For example, an HR manager can quickly ask and get answers to questions like “What is the employee probation period in Japan?” or “What are the maternity benefits in Finland?” without having to wade through pages of text or wondering if their internet search results are correct. 

“GoGlobal is pleased to launch ChatGoGlobal to quickly deliver accurate HR regulatory information and take advantage of the world’s most advanced AI models to make it easier for companies to manage their global workforce. This is a game-changer for multinational HR teams navigating the complex world of international human resources regulations and customs,” adds Yip.  

ChatGoGlobal is now available for companies to use and provides a powerful and efficient way to quickly access GoGlobal’s valuable international HR regulatory information. GoGlobal is committed to providing innovative solutions that help companies manage their global workforce and make international HR operations easier and more efficient.

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