GoGlobal Opens First Employer of Record Virtual Office with Spot 2.0

three avatars sitting in a virtual office of an employer of record company

Remote workforce stays connected in virtual office

The metaverse –  GoGlobal, the world’s fastest-growing provider of global Employer of Record (EOR) services, is walking the talk when it comes to keeping its remote workforce connected. In the absence of a traditional brick and mortar office anywhere in the world, GoGlobal has created and recently opened a virtual office, complete with a ping pong table, coffee room, lounges, conference rooms and even a patio with a hot tub.

The new space is a place where employees can gather, similar to what they would do in an office, and where visitors are welcome. Many of GoGlobal’s clients are high-growth technology companies who embrace the idea of meeting in a metaverse-like space.

“Our Spot virtual office gives us an opportunity to connect with employees and clients from around the world in a unique online environment that feels like an office. Co-workers can chat in one of the lounge areas over coffee, clients can join us for a meeting in one of our board rooms or enjoy happy hour with our team on the patio,” says Andrew Lindquist, GoGlobal Partner. “We believe we are the first global EOR to launch this virtual office experience, which allows for greater collaboration and connection.”

One of GoGlobal’s core beliefs is that geography shouldn’t limit your talent pool and human resources should be human. Finding ways to meaningfully connect with employees, clients, and client workers – without traditional brick and mortar offices – is key to building strong relationships.

The company’s virtual office allows for similar interactions that employees experience in a traditional office setting such as water cooler chats, lunchroom visits, creative brainstorming in a lounge area and client visits with members of their GoGlobal team. The space also suits larger gatherings such as special events, lunch and learns and fun social activities. Best of all, the space is accessible from anywhere in the world.

Working with the Spot team, GoGlobal created a customized space that meets the needs of employees today and as the company continues to grow. Lindquist describes it as a fun process, similar to designing and decorating an office. Every GoGlobal employee also creates their own avatar, right down to their outfits.

“As a fully remote company, we are always looking for ways to engage our employees,” says Margaret Yip, GoGlobal Partner. “We are very committed to ensuring that our employees from around the world feel connected to their colleagues and that we introduce opportunities for our team to come together in new ways. Creating meaningful and fun connections is part of our culture. We want all employees to feel that sense of belonging.”

Spot, a technology partner that is a next-gen communication tool for teams, shares a similar vision by helping teams build culture, improve employee experience, and connect employees around the world in a virtual workplace that works in a browser.

 “We started Spot because we care about the overall well being of people and communities. GoGlobal’s commitment to a better experience for their employees and a more “human” approach with companies is evident in their adoption of Spot,” says Gordon Hempton, Spot CEO.