Iveth Pompa On People-First Culture

Iveth Pompa

GoGlobal: Hi Iveth, could you describe your role at GoGlobal?

Iveth: At GoGlobal, I support companies to expand internationally. My job is to guide clients through the process of hiring employees abroad, reducing all administrative tasks, and sharing GoGlobal’s vast knowledge on work practices and regulations. I also work directly with client’s employees, particularly in Latin America, providing on-the-ground HR support in their local language, ensuring they are paid compliantly, on-time, and providing any support they need for them and the client to adhere to local tax and labor regulations.

GoGlobal: Could you tell us something about your background?

Iveth: I was born and raised in the border between Mexico and the United States, in the most populous city of the State of Chihuahua: Ciudad Juárez. Having spent my life between the two countries, having been exposed to these two different cultures from a very young age taught me about cultural diversity, and I learned to respect and value each other’s differences. I got a degree in International Relations as I was interested in learning more about other countries, their culture, governments, politics, and regulations. Throughout my professional career working in global corporations and organizations such as Unilever and the British Council, I worked with companies and governments, leading large multicultural and cross-functional teams and implementing large-scale projects. Always interested in expanding my knowledge about other countries and supporting international expansion, I joined GoGlobal early this year as the first employee in Latin America to help spearhead the expansion of GoGlobal into the region.

GoGlobal: How does your background and experience help with your role at GoGlobal?

Iveth: My personal and professional experience have giving me the capacity to support and find opportunities for international expansion, to provide clients the knowledge and tools they need to do so and to offer client’s employees the assistance they require in their countries and in their local language.

GoGlobal: Apart from your professional background, can you tell me something about yourself?

Iveth: I now live in Mexico City with my dog Tuna, named after the Mexican cactus fruit, which I adopted about a year and a half ago, at the beginning of the pandemic year. I have wanted to adopt a dog for years, but I lived a very fast-paced life with work trips every month and spending very little time at home. It wasn’t until the pandemic hit that I was forced to stay at home, and I took the opportunity to adopt a dog. That is how Tuna came into my life. All those months at home brought back the joy of eating homemade meals and spending hours walking in parks instead of being stuck in traffic. I decided to quit my demanding work and looked for a job that would allow me to keep working from home with a flexible schedule. And I found just that at GoGlobal! Now I am able to organize my day and fill it with activities that bring me joy and not just work. I love to run, bike and take long walks with Tuna, and I also enjoy travelling!

Tuna the dog in a fieldtuna the dog on the couch

GoGlobal: How do you like GoGlobal so far?

Iveth: What I like and appreciate about GoGlobal is the value the company sets on people. GoGlobal cares about their employees, about their clients and their clients’ employees. Further, GoGlobal has ensured that everyone who joins the company are the most talented people around the world and the most caring. That can only lead to success. Through our true caring, we will always ensure that we understand our clients’ needs, their cultures, their companies’ values, and we will support them and their talent with the same attention no matter where they are and what language they speak. We know about the laws and regulations in many countries, many EOR companies do, but at GoGlobal, we also understand the culture, the importance of people, and we speak your language.