Meet The A-Team: Pioneering Africa’s Potential

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Africa’s exponential population growth, maturing infrastructure, investor-friendly policies and promising economies have captured the attention of astute MNCs, investors and trailblazing entrepreneurs worldwide. Spanning from North Africa down to Sub-Saharan Africa, GoGlobal is excited to launch its global employment solutions services in 18 pivotal markets (with more to come) across the continent.

At GoGlobal, we firmly believe that Africa is a continent brimming with immense potential and abundant opportunities for companies looking to expand their operations, engage top talent and be part of the Mother Continent’s prosperity. Our dedicated team, known as the A-Team, comprises talented professionals who are passionate about showcasing the vast potential and advantages that Africa offers to MNCs.

Let’s meet some of the exceptional individuals who make up the A-Team:


Headshot of Ashwin Tirvassen, GoGlobal’s Africa Regional Director.

Ashwin Tirvassen

Role: Africa Regional Director
Location: Mauritius
Geography served: GoGlobal’s full footprint in Africa 

Description of role: My role encompasses establishing and expanding GoGlobal’s global employment solutions throughout Africa. A significant aspect of my responsibilities is to emphasize the abundant opportunities that Africa presents to MNCs seeking global expansion.

I am dedicated to showcasing the vast potential and advantages that Africa offers to MNCs. Through my efforts, I aim to raise awareness about the untapped markets, rich resources and skilled workforce available for hiring in Africa. By highlighting these employment opportunities in Africa, I strive to assist MNCs in making informed decisions and tapping into Africa’s colossal growth potential.

Professional background: In my 16 years of professional experience, I have gained expertise in strategy development, operational efficiency and legal compliance across various regions of Africa. As the former Group Head of Operations at an EOR in Africa, I have deepened my understanding of the local EOR landscape and enhanced my operational management skills. Additionally, as a co-founder of a legal consulting firm in Mauritius, I bring extensive experience in company formation, compliance and contract management to the table.

What are you most excited or looking forward to as GoGlobal launches its Global Employment Solutions in Africa?

As GoGlobal launches as an EOR in Africa, I am most excited about the boundless possibilities and opportunities that will unfold. It’s a chance to witness the transformation of the African continent and its untapped potential. I look forward to playing a key role in helping businesses and international companies expand into Africa, streamline operations and open doors to new talent pools. It’s a privilege to play a part in putting Africa on the map and showcasing the incredible talent and opportunities the continent has to offer.

What do you want companies to know about hiring in Africa?   

Companies often have reservations or lack awareness about the potential and quality of professionals available on the continent. However, I want companies to know that Africa boasts a wealth of highly skilled and talented individuals who can bring tremendous value to their organizations.

Moreover, partnering with local experts is crucial when venturing into Africa. Navigating the local regulations, cultural nuances, and employment practices can be complex. By collaborating with professionals who possess in-depth knowledge of the African market, companies can ensure compliance with local regulations while also accessing the best talent available. 

The A-Team at GoGlobal can assist in identifying, recruiting and hiring individuals who possess the right skills, knowledge and ethos for specific roles.


Headshot of Stephanie Oloo, GoGlobal’s Country Lead in Nairobi, Kenya.

Stephanie Oloo

Role: Country Lead
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Geography served: Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda 

 Description of role: In my role, I collaborate closely with our partners and team members to establish customized solutions for our clients. I also provide assistance in effectively managing the workers of our clients within the countries where I operate. By leveraging our collective expertise and resources, we ensure the successful implementation of tailored strategies that address our clients’ unique needs. I actively support and oversee the management of client workers, ensuring smooth operations and optimal outcomes for all parties involved.

Professional background: While my educational background is in Psychology, my professional career has been focused on HR for the past 11 years. During this time, I have gained valuable experience working in HR across various industries. Notably, two of my past roles have been specifically in the field of Employer of Record (EOR). This diverse background has equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of HR practices and principles, enabling me to effectively navigate the complexities of the EOR domain.

What are you most excited or looking forward to as GoGlobal launches its Global Employment Solutions in Africa?

I am inspired by the vast array of opportunities that will emerge for the African continent and its talented workforce as a result of this endeavor. It presents a unique chance to showcase Africa’s enormous potential and place it prominently on the global stage. I eagerly anticipate the positive impact we can make in unlocking new possibilities and fostering growth across various industries.

 What do you want companies to know about hiring in Africa? 

Africa boasts a vast pool of highly talented and educated individuals, representing an abundant human capital resource. We are dedicated to providing support and assistance as you tap into this vast potential. With our expertise and resources, we are committed to helping you unlock the employment opportunities in Africa. Together, we can activate the continent’s talent and drive success in your endeavors.


Headshot of Charles Adjete, GoGlobal’s Country Lead in Lomé, Togo.

Charles Adjete 

Role: Country Lead
Location: Lomé, Togo
Geography served: Cameroon, Côte D’Ivoire, Mali, Morocco, Senegal and Tunisia 

Description of role: I develop and support global employment and mobility solutions for countries in Africa to facilitate companies’ access to new markets. 

Professional background: My experience is in customer-centric roles within EOR, financial services and automobile sales. Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working in EOR operations across more than 17 countries in Africa. In these roles, I have had the responsibility of overseeing a team of local operations managers, ensuring the smooth mobilization of both expatriate and local contractors. I have also played a pivotal role in managing and coordinating the establishment of new entities in Africa, along with their day-to-day operations.

My strengths lie in exceptional interpersonal skills and delivering excellent client service. I have successfully developed and executed campaigns to enhance product penetration and drive profitability. Additionally, I have gained valuable experience in training, scheduling, motivating and supervising staff, contributing to a cohesive and high-performing team. I am passionate about generating  exceptional results and constantly seeking opportunities to further grow and develop in my field.

What are you most excited or looking forward to as GoGlobal launches its Global Employment Solutions in Africa?

As GoGlobal embarks on its expansion into Africa, I am excited about the opportunity to facilitate the growth of businesses and international companies. By streamlining operations, we can enable them to establish a presence in Africa efficiently. Moreover, this endeavor presents a chance to empower talented youth through employment opportunities in Africa.

Collaborating or partnering with GoGlobal as an EOR in Africa offers companies significant advantages, as it minimizes the time and resources required to do business in Africa. By leveraging our expertise, companies can quickly access the abundant talent pool, enabling them to seize new markets and customers. I am deeply motivated to be part of this transformative journey, contributing to the success of our clients as they embark on their expansion efforts in Africa.

What do you want companies to know about hiring talent in Africa?    

Africa boasts a substantial and continuously expanding pool of educated, experienced, and professional working-age individuals. As remote work becomes increasingly accepted, African youth are increasingly interested in opportunities with international companies. This presents a unique opportunity for Africa’s well-educated workforce to contribute towards addressing the global talent shortage.

In this context, GoGlobal is excellently positioned to assist companies in finding, hiring and effectively managing talented workers throughout Africa. With our extensive network and expertise in the region, we can connect businesses with the right individuals who possess the necessary skills and qualifications.


Headshot of Shandré Main, GoGlobal’s Country Lead in Mauritius.

Shandré Main

Role: Country Lead
Location: Mauritius
Geography Served: Malawi, Mauritius, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe

Description of role: As part of the expansion team, I am working on setting up entities across Africa and as the Country lead I manage our client workers in Country

Professional background: As a professional in global employment and mobility solutions, I specialize in researching, designing and developing strategies that facilitate smooth transitions for internal handover to sales and operational teams. My expertise extends to advising on and executing strategic operational expansion efforts in the African region, while also project managing these initiatives. I take pride in creating and maintaining a comprehensive knowledge base that encompasses global employment regulations, best practices and internal operational procedures. Acting as an internal compliance advisor, I ensure adherence to global employment, international mobility and regulatory standards. In addition, I provide crucial support to internal stakeholders, including sales, customer service, employee relations and payroll departments. I also play a vital role in identifying, evaluating and managing key partners for operational and business process outsourcing.

What are you most excited or looking forward to as GoGlobal launches its Global Employment Solutions in Africa?

I am eagerly looking forward to assisting our clients in expanding their operations into Africa. I am particularly excited about the vast pool of untapped talent available in this region. By harnessing this talent and providing comprehensive HR solutions, we aim to drive growth, innovation and success for our clients as they expand into Africa.

What do you want companies to know about hiring talent in Africa?

When hiring talent in Africa, it’s essential for companies to understand that it can be a unique and challenging process compared to other regions. Cultural nuances, varying labor laws and logistical complexities can arise. However, partnering with an experienced EOR in Africa like GoGlobal that understands the region is crucial. GoGlobal navigates local regulations, manages payroll, ensures compliance and provides valuable insights into the local talent market. This allows our clients to streamline their expansion into Africa, mitigate risks and operate a smooth and successful hiring process.


Headshot of Girish Prayag, GoGlobal’s Legal and Compliance Manager in Mauritius.

Girish Kumar Prayag

Role: Manager, Legal and Compliance – Africa
Location: Mauritius
Geography served: GoGlobal’s full footprint in Africa 

Description of role: I provide support to the country leads with respect to all legal and compliance matters.

Professional background: I entered the world of EOR after having spent several years practicing as a barrister in employment, civil, criminal and corporate advisory and litigation. My legal background has provided me with invaluable insights and expertise. Over the course of my career, I have collaborated closely with numerous companies throughout Africa, enabling me to develop a deep understanding of the legal landscape and applicable laws in each jurisdiction across the continent.

What are you most excited or looking forward to as GoGlobal launches its Global Employment Solutions in Africa?

I am energized by the monumental potential and abundant opportunities that lie ahead. The African continent, with its rapidly growing markets and untapped talent pool, presents an exceptional destination for both GoGlobal and our esteemed clients. I am eager to explore and leverage these prospects for mutual success and growth.

What do you want companies to know about hiring talent in Africa?  

Africa presents an exceptional opportunity for businesses seeking a diverse and highly skilled workforce, capable of bringing fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the forefront. African professionals are renowned for their strong technical aptitude and exceptional work ethic, which leads to heightened productivity and efficiency. Leveraging the talent pool in Africa can lead to cost savings, as labor costs in the region are typically more competitive compared to other regions. This unique combination of factors offers significant advantages for companies looking to enhance their performance and drive success.


Headshot of Zahin Ebrahimsaid, GoGlobal’s SEnior Manager Finance Payroll in Mauritius.

Zahin Ebrahimsaib

Role: Senior Manager Finance and Payroll – Africa
Location: Mauritius
Geography Served: GoGlobal’s full footprint in Africa

Description of role:

My responsibilities involve optimizing and supporting the A-Team in achieving operational, financial, payroll and long-term organizational goals. I actively participate in banking-related matters and communicate with the BPO to confirm deliverables aligned with GoGlobal’s requirements. By doing so, I support the A-Team in completing daily tasks and staying updated on relevant events across our business footprint. 

Professional background: Throughout my extensive 18-year career, I have gained valuable experience and made significant contributions in various sectors and industries across Africa, including financial services, hospitality, EOR services and offshore setups. While my primary background is in finance and corporate reporting, my professional journey has exposed me to leadership roles in operations, payroll and people management. Additionally, I have developed expertise in internal control and expanded my responsibilities to include business optimization.

What are you most excited or looking forward to as GoGlobal launches its Global Employment Solutions in Africa?

Working in the African market is a special privilege and as GoGlobal undergoes expansion as an EOR in Africa, I look forward to contributing value through my localized experience. I eagerly await the commencement of operations in various countries, as our collective efforts within GoGlobal will lead to a remarkable success story. Let’s not overlook the enriching cultural exchange and language diversity that exists across the diverse countries of Africa, which further enhances the work we’re doing. 

What do you want companies to know about hiring talent in Africa?

Africa offers a vibrant talent pool rich in diverse skills, innovation and largely untapped potential. By investing in local talent, companies may discover new markets, foster sustainable growth and directly contribute to Africa’s economic development.

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