Transitioning Talent to GoGlobal: Navigating the Complexities of Cross-Border Hiring

In an era of increasing globalization, businesses have many choices for cross-border hiring. The market is teeming with Employers of Record (EOR), each presenting a myriad of promises and benefits. This abundance, while offering variety, can lead to confusion and make it a challenge for companies to identify an EOR that truly aligns with their global expansion goals. 

All too often, a seemingly promising choice doesn’t quite deliver, making it imperative to seek out a new EOR provider. So, how does one navigate the intricacies of transitioning from one EOR to another? 

GoGlobal has earned a reputation for in-country expertise, excellent service and being a trustworthy partner. We are often approached by clients who are looking to make a change from another EOR provider to GoGlobal for a variety of reasons. During this transition process, we work closely with the company and its talent to ensure a seamless changeover for their talent and business.

Let’s look at a recent example of a client who moved from another EOR provider to GoGlobal. A US-based tech conglomerate with a footprint in nine countries was grappling with multiple challenges with their previous EOR provider, including:

  • Vague country-specific insights
  • Prolonged response times
  • Inconsistent account contacts
  • Indifferent customer service
  • Payroll errors and late payroll
  • Poor onboarding and employee experience
  • Botched terminations

A transformative transition with GoGlobal

The organization’s pivot to GoGlobal marked a paradigm shift:

  • Local Expertise: GoGlobal facilitated 1:1 consultations for each worker in their respective countries, led by local HR experts.
  • Swift Turnarounds: Queries were consistently addressed within 24 hours, marking a dramatic improvement in response time.
  • Steady Support: The assignment of a dedicated account manager ensured continuity and bespoke service.
  • Talent-First Customer Service: GoGlobal’s service was anchored in fully addressing the unique needs of each individual. 
  • Payroll Excellence: Payroll accuracy shot up to an impressive 99%+, a testament to GoGlobal’s precision and high standards for quality control.

Transitioning talent the GoGlobal way

The transition to GoGlobal was not just about rectifying past pain points; it was about setting a new high standard. The key steps in the transition process for this tech company — and any company looking to make a change — include:

  • Contract Review: A thorough examination of all employee contracts is undertaken to ensure uniformity in benefits and compensation for transitioning employees.
  • Education and Onboarding: Both the client and their employees are educated about the transition process, ensuring everyone’s on the same page.
  • Employment Contract Integration: GoGlobal’s meticulous process encompasses drafting, reviewing, and finalizing new employment contracts, seamlessly integrating benefits, and tenure, and making document revisions as necessary.
  • Consistent Support: The provision of a dedicated account manager ensures unwavering service quality, fast response times and significantly reduces the chances of risk and errors.

Realizing global expansion aspirations

Choosing GoGlobal isn’t just about switching EORs. It’s a strategic pivot towards enhanced global hiring operations

Steven Feder, General Counsel with technology company CompoSecure, says: “To launch the international sales program and onboard these sales reps without the pain and agony that we went through in China to have a single employee, has been a huge benefit in cost savings, time savings and distraction of management. GoGlobal manages the onboarding, payroll, benefits and most importantly, compliance obligations.”

He adds, “Knowing exactly how your partner will engage with you, knowing their level of expertise and their experience (both domestically and internationally) is going to make the process easier for you. You don’t have to worry about compliance if you have GoGlobal as your partner.”

In choosing GoGlobal, businesses are making a decisive move towards not just switching EORs, but entering a partnership with a provider that understands and contributes to their global expansion success.

Check out our ‘What is an EOR?’ guide or contact us to talk with an international HR expert about whether an EOR solution is right for your company.