headshot of Cristin Monnich
United States

Cristin Monnich

Associate Director, Independent Contractor Solutions

As the Associate Director, Independent Contractor Solutions, Cristin is responsible for managing our Independent Contractor (IC) Solution at GoGlobal. Having spent most of her career focused on IC Compliance and SOW solutions, she works to simplify the legalities of engaging with self-employed workers, and to ensure our clients are in full compliance.

Prior to joining GoGlobal, Cristin was Contingent Workforce Program Manager at Sephora where she oversaw the company’s strategy for engaging all types of non-employee workers. In addition to her outbound experience, she spent over 15 years developing and managing independent contractor management and procurement solutions programs with companies like AgileOne, ZeroChaos and WorkforceLogic. Cristin has supported a wide array of clients from a variety of industries such as technology, entertainment, energy and utilities and financial sectors. Cristin holds a B.A. from Sonoma State University, California and is a Certified Contingent Workforce Professional through Staffing Industry Analysts.

In her free time, she enjoys travel, running and attending concerts. When it comes to music, her playlist consists of classic rock, but you will most often find her tuning into true-crime podcasts.