headshot of Harry Dhillon from GoGlobal's Recruit and Hire team
United Kingdom

Harry Dhillon

Director, Recruitment

As Director of Recruitment, Harry focuses on bringing GoGlobal’s remote Recruit & Hire solution to clients around the world as they establish, expand and engage their global teams. Based in Great Britain, he works with companies to find the right talent at the right price regardless of location. Harry has years of experience in global recruitment and knows how to access global talent pools, especially for hard to fill roles.

Prior to joining GoGlobal, Harry was the Head of Partnerships for Lano, a European Employer of Record (EOR) platform and previously held the role of Sales Manager for People 2.0, the world’s largest EOR and agent of record (AOR) platform for three years. He also has several years of experience working for an international executive search firm focusing on the technology sector.

Outside of his work at GoGlobal, Harry’s hobbies include Football, F1 and spending time with his family. His favorite movies are the Dark Knight Trilogy. Food-wise, he has said he will give anything a go once. Harry says if he had one superpower, it would be the ability to fly so he could truly be a remote nomad.