Franciso Mendez On Being A Working Father


GoGlobal: Could you describe your role at GoGlobal?

Francisco: I started at GoGlobal working with the International Expansion team, supporting the setup of new entities in Latin America and sourcing vendors for the development of our benefits, policies and HR processes. In this role, I assisted the sales team by fielding HR questions and concerns arising from our clients and prospects within the Americas region. I recently moved to the role of internal HR for our team in the Americas, onboarding new employees in the region and administering payroll for our existing employees.

GoGlobal: Could you tell us something about your background?

Francisco: I was born and raised in Mexico City and at the age of 20 I moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina. It’s a long story as to why I moved, but I can share it over a good cup of coffee. I studied and received my bachelor’s degree in business administration in Buenos Aires. Four years later, I moved to Sao Paulo, Brazil and lived there for seven years. After that, I moved back to Mexico and started my professional development within HR. Now, I can say that HR has become an important part of me. In particular, I’m always looking to emphasize the human element of HR.

GoGlobal: How does your background and experience help with your role at GoGlobal?

Francisco: My professional focus has been within HR and specifically in process improvements, paving the way to the role I currently have at GoGlobal. My past experiences provided me with the ability to work in fast-paced environments, like we have at GoGlobal, and obtain results on behalf of fast-growth clients.

GoGlobal: Apart from your professional background, can you tell me something about yourself?

Francisco: I have a 7-year-old son, who is the most important part of my life. As a single father, GoGlobal provides me with the opportunity to achieve the perfect balance of my work and parental tasks. As my son continues homeschooling because of the pandemic, I am able to be part of his learning path. I also spend quality time with him that probably wouldn’t be possible at other companies, due to rigid scheduling or having to commute to a physical office space. Outside of work, I like watching television series and movies, especially thrillers, horror and suspense. I have a love for music, particularly the 70s, 80s and 90s. I like everything related to technology, and I’m always trying to stay current on new trends that arise.

Man with his son

GoGlobal: How do you like GoGlobal so far?

Francisco: It has been a great experience so far and I don’t at all regret the decision to embark on this new adventure. GoGlobal cares about its employees. You become part of a great family around the globe, with everyone always willing to help each other. I enjoy not being considered just a number and actively playing a role in the company’s growth. Recognition is always offered for a job well done. The team’s synergy is strong with everyone working toward a common goal, which is to provide the best customer service to our clients and employee. Although everyone is remote and scattered around the globe, we seize opportunities to connect with our team and build meaningful relationships with everyone.