Go-To-Market Talent Pools: Finding the Right Fit

By Nick Broughton, GoGlobal Partner, and Harry Dhillon, Director of Recruitment

When expanding into a new market, having the right go-to-market strategy can make all the difference. 

A go-to-market strategy outlines how a company will bring its products or services to market and capture market share. An important pillar of this strategy is having the right local talent on the team to execute the launch. This includes a cross-functional team with roles in research, marketing, sales, customer service, finance and more. 

Local talent is crucial for a successful go-to-market strategy, as they bring a wealth of benefits to the table. With language proficiency, cultural understanding, market knowledge and established networks, a local cross-functional team can accelerate a market launch and raise the impact. 

However, recruiting and retaining local talent can be a significant challenge, especially for companies looking to expand internationally. Not only do they have to navigate cultural and language differences, they must also comply with new regulations and compete with local businesses for the same pool of talent.

That’s why it’s important for companies to carefully consider which country to test their go-to-market strategy in. Each has its own unique set of opportunities and challenges. By comparing the options, companies can identify which country is the best fit for their business and go-to-market strategy.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the opportunities and challenges of hiring go-to-market talent in four of our most popular go-to-market countries: Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. 

Country Opportunities Potential Challenges Attractive Industries
  • English is widely spoken at a very high level
  • Lower employer tax contribution compared to other EU countries on average
  • Largest economy in Europe
  • Highest salaries in Europe
  • Complex regulatory environment
  • Strict data protection laws 
Automotive, Machinery, Aerospace, Biotechnology, Chemicals, Renewable Energy, Environmental Technology, IT
  • High quality talent pool
  • Relatively lower employer tax contribution compared to other EU countries on average
  • Attractive location for expat talent
  • Language can be a barrier to entry for some businesses
  • Economy has struggled in recent years (which may deter some investors)
  • Relatively high level of bureaucracy 
Fashion, Design, Automotive, Food and Wine, Green Technology, Luxury Goods
  • Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America often look to Spain due to language and cultural similarities.
  • Easy location for Latin American companies to move into
  • Strong infrastructure
  • Highly skilled professionals
  • Above-average employer taxes compared to other EU countries
  • An aging talent pool can be a challenge for some businesses
  • Complex legal system
Tourism, Renewable Energy, Infrastructure, Agribusiness, Biotechnology, Automotive, Aerospace
United Kingdom
  • Language and cultural similarities with the US can make it an ideal stepping stone into the rest of Europe.
  • Large tech talent pool with a significant number of skilled professionals 
  • Employer tax liabilities are much lower than in other EU countries. 
  • The 5-hour time zone difference can provide some crossover with the US.
  • Brexit has limited access to the whole of the EU
  • High salaries compared to other EU countries.
  • Highly competitive talent market
Finance, Technology, Healthcare, Creative Industries, Education, Life Sciences

Solution: EOR hiring 

Developing and executing a successful go-to-market strategy requires a deep understanding of local market conditions, regulations and talent availability. 

Getting the right local talent is crucial for market entry because local professionals bring valuable knowledge and insights – including the latest trends, cultural nuances and consumer preferences.

That’s where an Employer of Record (EOR) can be an invaluable resource. By partnering with an EOR provider like GoGlobal, companies can streamline hiring and HR processes. They can also gain easy access to expertise in navigating local laws and regulations. 

Some EOR partners may even be able to support recruitment. GoGlobal’s Recruit & Hire solution provides end-to-end support, from job posting and applicant screening to interviews and onboarding. GoGlobal’s team of experts can assist with job description creation, salary benchmarking and interviewing. 

Once a worker is onboarded, GoGlobal can handle all administrative tasks related to hiring, such as drafting employment contracts and managing payroll and benefits. This allows companies to focus on developing and executing their go-to-market strategy without the burden of HR processes. 

Boots on the ground: the EOR advantage for a go-to-market strategy

By complementing your go-to-market strategy with an EOR hiring solution, you can get boots on the ground much quicker compared to trying to open an entity and investing all the time and expense it requires.  

In the event the new market doesn’t pan out, releasing the worker and relocating the operation is a simple and hassle-free solution. There’s no need to close down an entire entity. On the other hand, if the venture is successful, it becomes much easier to transition into establishing a local entity.

When an effective EOR is engaged for both recruitment and hiring, companies can seamlessly bring the right local talent on their team and develop a winning go-to-market strategy.

Check out our Recruit & Hire solution or contact us to learn more about quickly and compliantly hiring top tech talent around the world.