GoGlobal Launches EOR Services in the United States

GoGlobal, the world’s fastest-growing privately-owned provider of global Employer of Record (EOR) services, announced today the opening of operations in the United States of America (US).

GoGlobal is already known for being the premier provider of EOR services in Asia Pacific and Europe. Today’s launch into the US marks the company’s first direct operations in the Americas, with more openings to follow in other markets. Notably, the US has the largest economy in the world and is often the first point of global expansion for many companies worldwide.

Andrew Lindquist, a Partner at GoGlobal based in San Francisco, said: “We have had longstanding demand to provide services in the US, particularly from our partners and clients in Asia Pacific and Europe. Operating in the US with a small headcount can be a real challenge for a foreign company but our model makes it simple. I am particularly pleased with the employee benefit options we’ve put in place. Our operations team did an outstanding job in building out an innovative EOR model in the US that will make us best-in-class from day one. Clients will benefit by being able to offer top level benefits for their workers at an affordable cost, allowing them to compete in a very hot labor market.”

Kohei Okimuro, a Director for GoGlobal in charge of Account Management in the US and Asia Pacific, said: “Our clients in Japan, in particular, are really going to appreciate and benefit from our launch into the US. Our ability to have on-the-ground Japanese language support in both Japan and the Americas is a game changer.”