It’s All About Our People

GoGlobal team outdoors

We have a new look and a new website at GoGlobal. It’s an evolution that means a lot to us. To share more about the inspiration behind the change, we sat down with GoGlobal partners — Nick Broughton, Andrew Lindquist and Margaret Yip — to chat about what our new brand means for our clients, partners, employees and team.

Our changes reflect our commitment

Q: Why did GoGlobal change its logo?

Andrew: We’ve made this change so our brand better reflects our commitment to people and the diversity of our clients, partners, global workforce and team. Our GoGlobal community is growing rapidly as we support our clients in 100+ countries with 1700+ employees and counting. The new logo represents the energy and diversity of all who are part of our global community.

Q: What other changes did you make?

Andrew: GoGlobal is a people-first, technology empowered organization and we’re always taking steps to make working with us easier. We’ve made some notable improvements to our website such as new country-specific HR content that’s easy to navigate to quickly find information and resources, as well as a quick sign-up to our monthly newsletter, which include the most current information on international hiring.

One of the things we are most excited about is that you’ll see photos of real GoGlobal employees on every page of the website and in our new branding elements. These are our local HR representatives, account managers, onboarding specialists and payroll managers from around the world— the people who are so passionate about our clients’ success.

What makes us unique is better for you

Q: What makes GoGlobal unique from other Employer of Record (EOR) providers?

Nick: We are the only EOR solution provider in the world structured as a partnership where our employees can become partners in the firm. We believe accountability and ownership go hand-in-hand. Some of the best talent in the world choose to work for GoGlobal because we give our people control of the business.

It also means that as a privately owned, profitable startup with no investors and no plans to seek investment or sell the company, we can focus on doing what’s best for our employees and clients’ employees without outside pressure to make decisions based solely on growth and profit. It’s one of the reasons so many organizations trust us with their global hiring.

Q: What is GoGlobal’s focus?

Nick: Our mission is to inspire and enable organizations of all sizes and all geographies to hire, onboard, manage and pay the absolute best talent anywhere in the world so they can achieve their growth and organizational goals. As a global EOR provider, we offer our clients fast, expert, cost-effective and compliant options for hiring talent in countries where they have no local capabilities.

Our people are changing the world

Q: Why are GoGlobal employees different from competitors? 

Margaret: We offer our clients what we expect for ourselves: fantastic local benefits, helpful and knowledgeable HR partners and a caring work environment. We also hire the best people to be part of our internal GoGlobal team. Our HR experts are able to provide the best experience for local employees in their own languages and time zones.

Q: What does it mean to you to be “people-focused?”

Margaret: We are an all-remote, global, diverse team that cares about the happiness, wellbeing and success of each other. This is the essence of our GoGlobal team. As we work with clients who need to hire talent in countries all over the world, they feel confident we provide a quick, compliant, cost-effective service to help them achieve their goals. They also tell us they appreciate the peace of mind they gain, knowing the workers we employ on their behalf in different countries are fully covered for both statutory and customary benefits.

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