Learn how Paidy Transforms Talent Acquisition Strategy with GoGlobal’s Help

Paidy is Japan’s pioneer and leading buy-now-pay-later service which offers instant, monthly-consolidated credit to consumers by removing hassles from payment and purchase experiences.

Industry: FinTech
Company Size: 51-200
Countries: Japan
Year Founded: 2008

Yoshimichi Takashima, HR Strategic Business Partner, Paidy and Daiki Tanaka, VP of Corporate, Paidy share how GoGlobal helped them tap into the global talent pool, even when borders were closed due to the pandemic.

The Need

Paidy is a buy-now-pay-later service headquartered in Japan. When the pandemic hit, people we wanted to bring in to work with us couldn’t enter Japan. We wanted them to come after the pandemic and until then, we needed a way to employ them.

We could have established companies in other countries, but that would have cost too much time and money. Looking for a solution, we found GoGlobal.

GoGlobal Helped Us Hire Talent Around the World Without the Hassles

We’ve always aimed for talent globalization in Japan. But now we’re drawing on talent from around the world. The goal is to make it possible to work with Paidy no matter where you live. We could hire people overseas directly, but we’d have to handle taxes and benefits for that country.

Instead, when we hire through GoGlobal, all contractual obligations are handled by them.

They make contracts for each country where we need to hire someone. HR can leave everything up to GoGlobal!

Looking Beyond Borders Strengthens Our Team

COVID made us realize that we really could work with people all around the world.

So, we decided to keep on leveraging the talents of people interested in working with us everywhere.

Now we can hire people regardless of where they choose to live, in or outside of Japan.

We intend to build on the strength of these resources. We’re a diverse group of individuals with many different backgrounds and value systems, and we have a great time getting the best out of each other.

Why GoGlobal?

GoGlobal is in the background helping make it work. Going forward, we plan to continue partnering with GoGlobal to hire the best people globally.

I hope we can continue to bring together all kinds of people interested in Paidy and continue to build this business together.

GoGlobal helps clients navigate international expansion quickly, compliantly and cost-effectively by infusing our global expertise and local in-country support into its Employer of Record (EOR) model.

Note: In September 2021, Paidy was acquired by PayPal Inc. for approximately USD 2.7 billion. Watch the Paidy video.


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