Spotlight on Italy

Picture of Altare della Patria

GoGlobal launched its services in Italy in the Spring of 2021, and it has quickly become one of the fastest growing markets for the company.

Why hire in Italy:

  • Italy’s skilled workforce offers an overall better cost performance than its comparable European counterparts.
  • The talent pool is advancing, especially as Italian universities attract more overseas students with English-language-based courses and large corporate investments. For example, Microsoft has announced a $1.5 billion investment plan, which includes its first cloud data center in the country. Likewise, Amazon has also invested in new infrastructure while Apple sponsors a Naples-based developer academy.
  • Venture capital and government investments have fueled a vibrant, thriving startup ecosystem in Italy.
  • Remote workers from across Europe flock to Italy to enjoy the country’s renowned food, scenery, affordability and lifestyle.

Q&A with Matteo Bianchini, Director of GoGlobal Italy

What are a few things to keep in mind when hiring in Italy for the first time?

Employers must pay a 13th salary in December as well as a 14th salary in June, presenting two expenses that need to be factored into remuneration considerations. There is also a requirement to track working time, so a company must have a reliable system in place. Furthermore, employment in Italy is not “at will” so terminating employment can be arduous and complicated. Fortunately, we can help our clients navigate all of these nuances and more.

What makes GoGlobal’s Italy Employer of Record services special?

GoGlobal’s Employer or Record (EOR) solution in Italy is bolstered by a synergistic combination of local support and global reach. Not only do our team members in Italy understand the regulatory environment, but they can also meaningfully connect with local workers in their language. This local niche is complemented by GoGlobal’s presence all over the world, which allows us to work with clients in their respective local languages as well, so they have a better understanding of how Italy operates.

Why do you think our Italian business is growing so quickly?

Besides the winning combination of local expertise and global reach, our team is nimble and quick in connecting companies with top talent in Italy. We really want our clients and the workers we hire on their behalf to be successful – so everything we do is driven by that goal. As our tagline says, we exist to help companies “Go Fast, Go Smart, GoGlobal.”

About GoGlobal

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