Global Equity Compensation Done Right

Issuing equity to your EOR workers? Global Equity Solutions can help you understand and meet your compliance obligations.

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Global Equity Solutions

As a people-first international Human Resources and Employer of Record (EOR) service provider, we help companies enhance their global talent strategy. Our GoGlobal Equity Solutions allows you to extend equity compensation to EOR workers around the world — with peace of mind and knowledge that it’s being done right.

Equity and Employer of Record

Offering equity as part of the total rewards strategy is often one of the best ways for a company to attract and retain talent in today’s competitive marketplace. Global equity compliance can be complicated at the best of times, but what happens when you add an EOR to the mix? It can raise questions like:

  • Who is responsible for remitting taxes and reporting income arising from equity to the local authorities?
  • Who is the employer?

Whether you’re offering Stock Options (SOP), Restricted Share Units (RSU), an Employee Share Purchase Plan (ESPP) or looking to operate a phantom plan, GoGlobal can guide you through the legal and tax implications of offering equity to your workers around the world.

We’re Here to Help Streamline Your Global Equity Offering

By hiring via Employer of Record (EOR) you’ve likely just taken active steps to reduce risk exposure in that country because you know non-compliance can be costly. If you’re offering equity incentives to your EOR workers, there are additional implications to consider at the country level.

Our dedicated equity team, with the help of industry leading experts, will help you navigate the unique complexities of local regulatory and tax requirements — while working with you to design a strategic and compliant global equity offering for a global workforce.

We provide a bespoke approach to minimize risk, increase knowledge and provide ongoing support for equity incentive offerings that fit your global talent strategy.

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How We Will Work Together

GoGlobal’s Global Equity Solutions is a suite of end-to-end services, capturing both the regulatory and tax requirements of your global offering. In customizing your equity offering, we do the following:

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Help you identify whether equity ownership is the right incentive for your company and your workers.

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Support and execute on mandatory local requirements, from plan registration and disclosures to payroll reporting, tax remittance and country-specific periodic filings.

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Inform on legal and tax implications in the 120+ countries we serve.

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Cover a variety of equity award vehicles including SOP, RSU, ESPP, phantom plans and more.

What Makes Us Different

Top Industry Leaders and Experts

Our team, equipped with extensive experience in the equity space, sources reliable and accurate information from industry leaders.

End-to-End Support

We provide insight from inception and support you throughout the lifecycle of your equity offering — including updates as regulations or talent landscape change.

Clear Process, Transparency and Collaboration

We ensure equity doesn’t become a headache for your team. We’re here to help through every step of the process.

Own Your Talent Strategy With GoGlobal Equity Solutions

With GoGlobal Equity Solutions, we help you to strategically design your equity program for your EOR workers, identify and execute your global compliance obligations, and support you in your payroll administrative requirements. Companies who structure their equity offering with us also enjoy:

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Increased Compliance and Risk Detection

Some EOR providers like to ignore when equity is being offered because of the complexity of local laws and the employment dynamic. GoGlobal tackles this challenge head on to provide a solution that suits you, while addressing local requirements.

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Reduced Costs

Obtaining country-specific advice, even for a small workforce, can be cost prohibitive. GoGlobal aims to provide valuable information and help companies of all sizes make the right decisions early on about their equity offering.

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Innovate Often

It’s hard to know what you don’t know, especially when adding EOR hiring to the mix. We aim to simplify complexities and assist in administering equity globally. This way, you and your workers can relax and enjoy the benefit of equity!

Get Started with Global Equity Solutions

Each country and payroll jurisdiction is unique in how it treats equity compensation. Therefore, extra due diligence is required before a company can offer equity to workers hired through an EOR. We offer the global expertise, innovation and support needed to deliver your equity plans for your workforce – no matter where in the world they are!