GoGlobal Shares 2023 Remote Work Predictions

GoGlobal partners, Margaret Yip, Nick Broughton and Andrew Lindquist with view of Bangkok behind

Focus on Remote Culture, Winning the Race for Talent and Strategic Global Expansion

Miami, FL – GoGlobal, a people-first international HR and Employer of Record (EOR) service provider, is weighing in with its predictions for remote work in 2023. With the looming global economic uncertainty, what are the implications for day-to-day business functions like global expansion, recruitment and remote work?

Based on years of experience working with over 500 clients and 3,000 client workers, as well as local market knowledge in over 100 countries, company partners Margaret Yip, Nick Broughton and Andrew Lindquist share their thoughts on what lies ahead for 2023 in the world of work.

  • Some companies and industries are moving towards a return to the office or hybrid work model, yet the demand for remote work opportunities is not going away. The gap between what employers and employees want when it comes to remote work will be bridged, out of necessity.
  • As the remote workforce grows, companies need to keep the virtual office door open and prioritize employee wellbeing in order to retain top talent.
  • Organizations are learning how to engage remote workers. Empathetic leaders will give their organizations the edge in creating high-performing, collaborative teams.
  • DEI will remain a top priority for organizations with the added commitment of ensuring employees feel they belong. Hence, DEI will become DEIB.
  • Opportunities abound in 2023 for companies looking to expand into emerging countries. It’s time to think beyond traditional borders.
  • Companies wanting to expand globally quickly and compliantly will partner with an EOR to manage employees throughout the process, including those who are “orphaned” because of M&A carve-out transactions.
  • Remote and cross-border recruitment and hiring will give companies a leg up in the race for talent in 2023.
  • Companies will become more flexible with schedules, benefits and workplace arrangements. Creativity and innovation will become key, especially as companies listen to employees and adapt offerings accordingly.

“There is no question that 2023 will have many opportunities for companies willing to look beyond traditional borders to emerging markets for talent and expansion,” says Nick Broughton, GoGlobal partner. “Partnering with an employer of record offers quick, compliant access for companies looking to grow.”

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