Minh Bui on Work Anywhere, Anytime

Minh Bui

GoGlobal: Hi Minh, could you introduce yourself and what you do at GoGlobal?

Minh: I’m from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I spent 7 years living and studying in the US (including 1 year in Spain) before returning to Vietnam. I joined GoGlobal 2 years ago with a marketing role. Besides my marketing role, I’m also the local rep for our client employees in Vietnam.

GoGlobal: Tell us more about your marketing role.

Minh: I work with Andrew Lindquist, my manager, to drive our marketing efforts, which include coordinating with different team members and ghost writers to produce blog posts, upkeeping the website and marketing materials, collaborating with other third-parties for webinars and press releases, etc. We recently finished a big project on revamping our website and branding as well as producing our very first corporate video. Check out our homepage if you haven’t!

GoGlobal: Being a local rep yourself, do you think that having local reps make a difference in our business

Minh: It makes a huge difference. I’ve onboarded a handful of client employees who are in their late 20s and have absolutely no idea about how Vietnam’s social and health insurance system works. With past employers, they just blindly followed what the HR team asked for. But because we have the welcome call with all employees, I’m able to answer their questions in detail and guide them through what they need to do, what GoGlobal can help with, etc. One employee even complimented that we provide much better customer service than the previous EOR that he was employed under.

GoGlobal: What do you like the most about working at GoGlobal?

Minh: Besides the fact that we have a great global team that’s supportive of each other, I really appreciate the flexibility that GoGlobal provides its employees when it comes to choosing where and when to work. I love traveling, and it’s my goal every year to visit at least one new country and city. Even before covid and before GoGlobal rolled out its flexible vacation policy, the management team has always been very supportive of this hobby.

Now, because of covid, I can’t travel internationally anymore, but it’s still safe to travel within Vietnam, so I’ve taken a few trips to the beach or an island and work from there (for a few days when my local rep role doesn’t require me to stay in Ho Chi Minh City).

I’m also a night owl, which I’m sure many of our colleagues have noticed = ). It’s great that I have control over my schedule so that I can work quite late into the night and start the next day a bit later. Here we are encouraged to find our own way to work to be our most productive self in order to maximize our full potential.

GoGlobal: If you were to recommend GoGlobal as an employer, what would you say?

Minh: GoGlobal believes in borderless hiring, and “work anywhere, anytime” is our culture, so if you’re someone who values having control over your work schedule and the flexibility to choose where and when to work, GoGlobal is definitely the place for you.