Yvonne Hotzan On Being A Global Citizen

Yvonne Hotzan_Blog Post

GoGlobal: Hi Yvonne, can you tell us about your background?

Yvonne: I left my home country Germany when I was 22 years old, and I can clearly say this was the best decision I have made so far. Exploring the world and becoming more open and understanding of global issues helped me develop personally and professionally. In the past 10 years I was mainly involved in Operational Management with a strong focus on HR practices. Being in direct contact with customers, clients and employees; facing and solving problems on a daily basis, I developed skills which help me until today to navigate and mediate on an international level. Moving to Australia in 2009 to study a Bachelor of Business was only the beginning of an exciting journey which finally led me to GoGlobal in 2021. I travelled through all 5 continents and lived and worked in Europe, the Middle East and Australia, where I found my second home and settled in Sydney.

GoGlobal: Can you describe your role at GoGlobal?

Yvonne: At GoGlobal, I am helping companies expand internationally and guide them through specific requests by outlining labour regulations and statutory requirements mainly in the APAC region, which has also greatly improved my HR skill set. I am helping clients mitigate the risk of international expansion by explaining employment and work practices in each country. By setting up processes and procedures in my workflow, I do enable clients and employees to understand applicable laws and ensure compliance on all levels. For example, recently it was the first time that I drafted an employment contract for an employee in Mongolia which was a great learning experience. Sometimes just greeting a new client in their local language can be an ‘icebreaker’ and will set the basis for a great working relationship.

GoGlobal: How does your experience shape you into the person you are today and help you professionally?

Yvonne: Experiencing different cultures, religions, customs and talking to people even though I didn’t always understand their language is an enriching experience which also shaped my business mind. Being exposed in international work environments made me more resilient, understanding and patient. Also, appreciating small things and coming to the realization that everything and everyone is replaceable, puts your everyday life and work into perspective.

GoGlobal: You’re also our local rep for GG Australia and New Zealand and interact directly with our client employees. What is that like?

Yvonne: Having lived and worked in Australia for the past 12 years gives me with the skills and experience to offer valuable HR advice to local employees as well as clients. Being the local rep for GoGlobal Australia and New Zealand, I am working closely with our Business Partners and have direct contact with our employees. Guiding them through the challenging and constant changing labour regulations is exciting but also keeps me updated with the latest news in the HR world. My own experience as well as my knowledge regarding visa applications and termination procedures for example, has helped me in advising and supporting employees in ANZ. This is what sets GoGlobal apart from the competition, that we have direct interaction with our employees by having local reps in the country who can help with any ad-hoc questions in a timely manner.

GoGlobal: Because of the pandemic, you’ve been working from home ever since you started at GG. How has that experience been so far?

Yvonne: Working from home gives me the flexibility to work how much I want and when I want. This is a kind of freedom which I think increases work productivity overall. To stay physically and mentally fit, I started running many years ago. Living close to the ocean in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, makes it easy to get up early in the morning (4.45am) and go down to the beach for a run with my local Running Club. I’m preparing for races like Marathons and Charity Runs because giving back to the community we live in is important. After my run, I have my first coffee while watching the sun rise over the ocean; I start every day with a positive mindset and be ready for any challenge that may arise during the day.

GoGlobal: Can you describe the culture at GG?

Yvonne: GoGlobal is an outstanding example of great company culture where individual opinion is valued, decision making encouraged, and employee’s work is appreciated which are the key ingredients that lead to employee satisfaction and company success overall.